Best Flyer Designs For Small Business 2021

Are you looking for flyer designs for your small business? You are in the right place.
For every small business, flyers carry a very important role in marketing. On many occasions, it’s the first thing your potential customers encounter.

Here we have shown 13 types of flyer designs that may help you to design your flyer.

1. Minimalistic


Simple Design With Light Colors

Minimalism means showing the beauty of essence or essentials without superficiality. It highlights the shape and forms and avoids extra details and decorations. Minimal design is honest and clean yet striking. Any kinds of small or big business can approach minimalism.

2. Divided View

Divided view

Divided view flyers are great if you want to show comparison or two sides of the coin. If you want your customer to visualize the difference then go for the divided view.




Traditional flyers include one heading, multiple paragraphs and images. Traditional flyers are a good choice for small businesses that want to convey the message in details to potential customers.


4. Playful Colors


Playful Colors

A combination of light colours that represent playfulness can create a pleasing impression. This type of design is especially good for the items we get for enjoyment. This colour combination is not good for serious business such as Cleaning service, Architecture, Tech company, etc.

5. 3D flyer design


3D flyer design

3D technology is expanding rapidly. In near future, you may use real 3D flyers but for now, the 3D design for the 2d flyer is not a bad idea. Try a different shade of colour with a 3D design to make it eye-catching.

6. Bold Text with Unique Background


Unique Teared Paper

Bold text with unique background makes the words memorable. It’s better to use less text and decoration on this type of design. You can use one side for this design and another side for your company’s information. If you are already well known locally then mentioning the company name in the corner of the flyer is sufficient or even better.


8. Classic Illustration


Classic Illustration

Classic illustration is especially good for the craft business. This type of design with the right colour combination can make your flyer memorable. Don’t forget to design illustration carefully so your flyer can convey the main message to your potential customer.


9. Event Flyers


Event Flyers

Your event flyers can contain all services you provide so the potential customers can quickly know if you can fulfil their job.


10. Illustration of Benifit


Illustration of Benifit

We all want to know whats my benefit so it’s not a bad idea to tell them what is the benefit at first sight.

11. Showing The Product Image


Showing the original product image

Let them see your product so they don’t have to search. Don’t forget to take pictures with high quality camera.


12. Image Rotation


Think out of the box


Angle image and text can make your flyer truly unique and may create a very good impression.

13. One Colour’s Shade Combination


2 Color Combination


One colour’s shade combination with illustration and typography can make a flyer elegant and powerful.

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Ideas For Entrepreneur Business Cards

Your business card can indirectly yet intentionally carry the principle qualities of your business. People will judge by card, whether your company is reliable and provide quality service. For entrepreneurs, business cards are not only to spread contact info and the name of the company, but it is a vital tool for making a huge impact. It is the first step to show your standard to your potential clients.


39% of people won’t do business with you if your card is cheap looking. – Andre Palko

Here are 3 types of business cards that entrepreneurs love.


1. Minimal Design Business Cards

The minimally designed card is the first choice for many entrepreneurs. It has fewer words and colour palettes. Let’s check some of the minimal design business card examples.

Minimal Design Cards minimal business card Black and White Minimal Business Card

2. The wild-format Business Cards

Designers use different formats to give a unique look. Wild-format business cards are unique but you should make sure that can be stored easily. For startup wild-format definitely can be a good choice.


wild format business card wild-format business card


3. The typographic business card

Basically, this type of business cards mainly focuses on typography. It’s not easy to design typographic business cards but if it is done correctly then it can gain a long-lasting impression.


typographic business card design typographic business card typographic card design


Standard Business Cards:

If you don’t want fancy business cards then you can go for standard business cards. Standard cards with some unique design can create an outstanding look. You can also implement some techniques on your standard cards, such as foil, embossed, spot-UV.


standard unique business card unique design business card


How to choose the right business card as an entrepreneur?

Choosing the right business card for your business can be an overwhelming task. But before creating it, you need to consider 3 things first.

1. Location of your business.

If your business is located in London, then you can try to include something in your design that relate to London.


2. Social environment and people.

Create something that is acceptable and understandable to your community. If the people can’t understand your design or feel uncomfortable then it may have a negative impact.


3. Cost and Conversion 

Some business cards may cost $0.1 and some may cost over $1 each! Less cost per card means you can have more cards for distributing. Otherway, high-quality cards may have more conversion which is the primary goal. So make a balance between the quality and price.


Printing Service for Entrepreneur Business Cards

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Printing Mistake You Can Easily Avoid

printing mistakes to avoid

Yes, we are living an era of the digital world, but print media marketing is still one of the best ways to boost your business. But if you are doing this marketing in the wrong way, you can’t find the result from your marketing you expect.  Here are some mistakes you should be aware when you are doing print marketing.

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  • Use watermarked stock image
  • Use low resolution
  • Grammar and spelling error 
  • Wrong colour selection 
  • Wrong file format 

Use watermarked stock image 

Images are an important part of print media and also available on the internet.  There are a lot of websites where you can take stock photos by paying them. But if you download without paying’  risk watermarks’ landing on this photo, in consequence, your company will look cheap and also violate copyright issues.

Use low resolution 

Low-resolution design or image may not be a big deal in the digital screen, but print media is another world. A customer who doesn’t get to see clear and attractive print is less likely to want to go to deal with you. The better resolution, the more likely customers highly rate your products/services. The high resolution makes your print more interesting. so you have to make sure your print is in perfect resolution.


Grammar and spelling error 

Don’t dare to think your spelling and grammar mistakes are going unnoticed by your target audience. Grammar and spelling errors are embarrassing and potentially harmful to your brands. A misspelt word, grammar error can ruin that first impression quickly of the product or service you provide. 

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Wrong colour selection 

Colour plays a big role in marketing by influencing customers. Colour conveys emotion, feeling and experience. Poor colour selection can damage your brand image. So make sure you use the colour wisely.  Suppose for the man you can prefer blue and for the woman you can go with pink or red. What I want to say here is to pay attention to colour. 


Wrong file format 

Print in .png file and .Jpeg file decrease the quality of the print.  In screen it’s fine but in print, this is not the wise one to choose.   Use the .tiff file format to better the quality of the print. If you do everything right but your quality of the print is low then you can not expect the better result from the print marketing.


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Apply 2 Vital Print Marketing Tools Now For 2021

In the age of digitalization, print marketing is still popular and effective. Even in 2020, print marketing is vitally important for businesses of all sizes to market their product. For seasonal marketing, it is the best way to attract your target audience. Here we will show you 2 very cost-effective products for print marketing that ensure long term value for money.

calendar printing marketing 2021

Calendar Marketing 2021


Nowadays, a calendar is used not only for telling the dates rather it is used as a piece of marketing tool. People want to hang a calendar which will help them to decorate their room and also relevant to them. But the best option is if the customer can create the content by themselves by a personalized calendar. A customer contest is a great way to crowdsourcing. Set criteria and themes then ask clients to submit art and images that they feel are calendar-worthy. For a brand or a company, a contest is very useful because it can reach interested customers. To corporate personnel a desk calendar and for the family a wall calendar is a good option for a brand to showcase their product 365 days of a year. Also, you can give away calendars to segmented potential customers at events for brand marketing. A calendar is also a marketing tool that you can give away to segmented potential customers at events. You can learn how to make desk calendars at home here.


sticker printing for marketing

Spread Free Stickers Aggressively

Stickers are an effective way to increase brand awareness. They are easy to give away and people do use them in real life. Moreover, they come cheap. You can give them away at events or direct to the customer. The most beneficial aspect of stickers is that the user will act as a brand ambassador. A personalized vinyl sticker of your brand could show up on laptops, toolboxes, and cars of your loyal customer. If we look back at how Apple gave away stickers with every laptop and iPod sold. The customers proudly use them and unconsciously they promote the apple brand. At the moment you probably aren’t Apple, but when you have a loyal customer base these customized can be your best weapon to grow your business. It is also important to use premium printing for your stickers. Premium printing will guarantee that your sticker looks great and has a long life of promoting your company or product for years to come. You can learn how to make stickers at home. It’s simpler than you think.


Calendar and Sticker Printing Service in London:

There are several types of stickers and calendars, you can choose for printing. As for calendars, personalised desk calendars, wall calendars, photo wall calendars, A4 or A3 calendars are the common type and used in both home and office. As for stickers, you can go for vinyl. These stickers are high-quality and long-lasting. You can get these stickers for laptops, phones, shop’s windows or even for cars.

Reopen Your Small Business In London With Outdoor Advertising

The coronavirus has hit the united kingdom businessmen hard, none more so than small companies. However, after months of closure for severalthe united kingdom government has eased lockdown measures to enable most businesses to reopen.

We appreciate that a lot of other small businesses have remained open throughout lockdown, and this has presented other challenges. However, one area that has affected small businesses both open and closed during lockdown is the ability to utilise outdoor advertising. After all, there’s been nobody on the streets to advertise to for months.

While some businesses got creative with their outdoor advertising during lockdown, having already committed to paying for the space, the loss of revenue that out-of-home advertising would normally generate for little businesses has been hard to require.

Why its time to advertise outdoors again

same day printing london for small business

We understand that spending on outdoor advertising immediately might sound illogical. Your small business will little question are hit hard financially. However, your recovery hinges on winning back customers in your area peopleand therefore the only way you’ll do this is to allow them to know you’re there.

More important than anything immediately, yes even profit, is rebuilding your brand. Why? Well, people are going to be looking to brands they will trust. immediately there’s still tons of fear and anxiety within local communities. Your outdoor advertising has one job, to assist ease that fear and anxiety.

The thanks to using outdoor advertising in these challenging times is to be visible and active in supporting your area peopleyou’ll use out-of-home advertising to be a beacon of hope and lead the way in setting an example when it involves customer care and safety.

Print In London is here to assist promote communicating your message with your clients and get you back on your feet in your local area.

Getting advantage of out-of-home advertising

If you’re new out-of-home (OOH) advertising, it’s simply buying space on billboards, street furniture, bus stands, outdoor digital signage and more, to alert customers to your brand, products, and services. If you’re conversant in OOH, well you would like no explanation.

However, whether you’re a newbie or prolific outdoor advertiser, what you’ve got in common is that you simply need a post-coronavirus advertising strategy to get back customers and rebuild trust.

There are many reasons for a little business to use OOH advertising, but given the challenging times that we’re in, let’s confirm your next OOH campaign focuses on specific pain points facing customers immediately.

Many customers are apprehensive about returning to the main street, so your outdoor advertising should have a two-pronged goal:

1. To reassure
2. To allow them to skills you’ll meet their needs

Outdoor advertising allows you to urge these messages out there quickly. After all, OOH advertising isn’t something people can skip sort of a TV commercial or a pop-up advertisement online, it’s big, bold and in your face, which suggests it’ll get noticed.

As a little business, one thing you believe is being seen in your area people. OOH removes any doubt that your products and services might not be available during a particular geographic location. If customers are seeing your ad during a specific location, it means you’re ready to serve.

The key to outdoor advertising in these challenging times is your message. It must be sensitive to the present climate, while presenting your brand as an answer.

So, here’s how you’ll let your customers know that you’re back, open for business which their health and safety are vital to you:

#1 – Use Banner Billboards

Static Billboard Advertising london

Arguably the foremost effective outdoor advertising channel for little businesses, billboards are a high impact thanks to communicating your message to the area people. Billboards can communicate a very simple message in an attention-grabbing way. an excellent message could be:

“We’ve missed you, and that we wanted to allow you to know we’re here for you. Come and visit us, it might be great to catchup.”

You could use a background image that shows your store’s entrance as a welcoming invitation to customers.

Search for price and availability of banners near you here.

#2 – Use transit advertising

transit advertising london

Bus services and taxis are operating throughout lockdown and now that measures are eased, more people are using conveyance. Side of bus and taxi advertising may be a good way to spread your message across the area people. Imagine your message being seen on the side of a fleet of buses or Hackney carriages. get in touch with the team and we can talk you through the options.

#3 – Use digital signage

digital signage printing london

Outdoor digital signage has many benefits for small businesses, none more so than its versatility. Outdoor digital signs allow you to interchange your message and update content quickly and easily. Plus, it’s highly engaging and you can get very creative with your content.

Getting started with outdoor advertising in London

An outdoor advertising campaign for your small business is a baby step you can take toward rebuilding your brand and customer trust. Ultimately, it’s important for you to be visible to your customers in these challenging times and your road to recovery has to start somewhere.

Outdoor advertising is your outlet into the local community in London and that’s where you need to be right now. Therein lies the value of outdoor advertising. It’s a fast, trustworthy and effective way to build brand exposure and alert customers that you’re open for business.

Right now your customers need a hero and that can be your business. No matter how small your operation, you will play a key role in rebuilding your local community.

Partner with Print In London

Print In London wants you to achieve helping your area people while getting your small business back on its feet. Our end-to-end service means we will assist you to create and launch your campaign to return back strong.

Use our online platform to seek out the worth and availability of outside advertising from multiple media owners. Then book using your debit, MasterCard or bank transfer

. Start searching now.

Want some advice before you dive in? Talk to our team for advice on crafting one of the best London outdoor advertising campaign. Call 020 3633 2660 or send us a message.

All About 3D Printing

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is the process of making objects (usually plastic, but sometimes metal or composite material) from a digital model. Most 3D printers add material to the thing one very thin layer at a time, which is why 3D printers are classified as “additive manufacturing.”

How does 3D printing impact the economy? 3D printing may be a component of the maker movement, which has benefits to communities, education, entrepreneurship, and traditional enterprises. It helps foster the creation of latest products and new companies and teaches skills transferable into a good sort of technical and professional jobs.

How expensive is 3D printing compared to traditional manufacturing processes? That depends. it is less costly and takes far less time to make prototypes, jigs, tools, and fixtures using 3D printing. But once the setup and tooling costs are purchased, traditional manufacturing techniques like injection moulding can produce objects in volume more quickly and at a lower cost.

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How does 3D printing affect the availability chain? 3D printing is right for short-run manufacturing and little production jobs. It also allows spare parts to be “stored within the cloud,” so physical inventory isn’t required until there’s a requirement for an object. By delivering 3D objects across the world in digital form and printing locally, the value and time of shipping are often completely eliminated.

Can 3D printing transform the manufacturing industry? The manufacturing industry is undergoing a huge transformation of which 3D printing is one element. Other factors include an enormous increase in data volume and processing, improved analytics, improved human factors, and therefore the automation of varied production processes.





The analogy of printing isn’t perfect. Computer printers generally operate a row at a time. 3D printers work far more like plotters, moving a print head along both the X and Y axis to draw a pattern. within the case of a 3D printer, the pattern is typically drawn with plastic, not ink. What makes the 3D printer three-dimensional is that when a pattern is drawn, the print head moves up (or the print surface moves down), and another pattern is drawn on top of the primary.


How does 3D Printing Work?


There are 3 main steps in 3D printing.

The first step is that the preparation just before printing, once you design a 3D file of the thing you would like to print. This 3D file is often created using CAD software, with a 3D scanner or just downloaded from a web marketplace. Once you’ve got checked that your 3D file is prepared to be printed, you’ll proceed to the second step.

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The second step is the actual printing. First, you would like to settle on which material will best achieve the precise properties required for your object. the variability of materials utilized in 3D printing is extremely broad. It includes plastics, ceramics, resins, metals, sand, textiles, biomaterials, glass, food and even lunar dust! Most of those materials also leave many finishing options that enable you to realize the precise design result you had in mind, and a few others, like glass for instance, are still being developed as 3D printing material and aren’t easily accessible yet.

The third step is the finishing process. This step requires specific skills and materials. When the thing is first printed, often it can’t be directly used or delivered until it’s been sanded, lacquered or painted to finish it as intended.

The material chosen for the project will determine which printing methods are best suited. Among these, the foremost commonly used techniques for every group of materials are described next.

If you would like to use Plastic or Alumide

3d printing technology

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology:


is at the very entry of the market because it mainly employed by individuals. it’s probably the foremost popular printing method thanks to the number of printers available on the market. FDM is a reasonable 3D printing compared to other 3D printing technologies. This process works by the material being melted and extruded through a nozzle to 3D print a cross-section of an object each layer at a time. The bed lowers for every new layer and this process repeats until the thing is completed. Layer thickness determines the standard of the 3D print. Some FDM 3D printers have two or more print heads to print in multiple colours and use support for overhanging areas of a posh 3D print.

SLS Technology: Laser sintering may be a 3D printing technique consisting of the fabrication of an object by melting successive layers of powder together so as to make an object. the method most notably facilitates within the creation of complex and interlocking forms. it’s available for Plastic and Alumide.

If you would like to match these two technologies so as to seek out the simplest fitted to you, have a glance to our showdown FDM vs. SLS.
If you would like to use Resin or Wax
The technology you’ll need is that the photopolymerisation, a way that involves the solidification of photo-sensitive resin by means of a UV light. it’s employed by different 3D printing processes such as:


Stereolithography (SLA):


uses a vat of curable photopolymer resin. The build plate descends in small increments and therefore the liquid polymer is exposed to light where the UV laser draws a cross-section layer by layer. the method is repeated until a model has been created. the thing is 3D printed by pulling the thing out of the resin (bottom-up), which creates space for the uncured resin at rock bottom of the container and may then form a subsequent layer of the thing. Another method is to 3D print the thing by pulling it down into the tank with a subsequent layer being cured on the highest.


Digital Light Processing (DLP)


a projector is employed to cure photopolymer resin. this is often very almost like the SLA method except that rather than employing a UV laser to cure the photopolymer resin, a safelight (light bulb) is employed. Objects are created similarly to SLA with the thing being either pulled out of the resin, which creates space for the uncured resin at rock bottom of the container thus forming a subsequent layer of the thing, or down into the tank with a subsequent layer being cured at the highest.
Sculpteo uses DLP technology for Silver and Brass 3D printing. We 3D print a wax model first then, we use a lost-wax casting technique: a mould is formed around the wax before it’s melted and crammed with silver, creating your object.

Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) works by projecting an endless sequence of UV images, generated by a digital light projector, through an oxygen-permeable, UV-transparent window below a liquid resin bath. The dead zone created above the window maintains a liquid interface below the part. Above the dead zone, the curing part is drawn out of the resin bath.

MultiJet printers :


almost like Stereolithography, the high-quality PolyJet and MultiJet 3D printing processes use a UV light to crosslink a photopolymer. However, instead of scanning a laser to cure layers, a printer jet sprays tiny droplets of the photopolymer (similar to ink in an inkjet printer) within the shape of the primary layer. The UV lamp attached to the printer head crosslinks the polymer and locks the form of the layer in situ. The build platform then descends by one layer thickness, and more material is deposited directly onto the previous layer.

If you would like to use Metal
DLP combined with the lost-wax casting technique allows objects to be printed in 3D. Sculpteo uses DLP technology for Silver and Brass 3D prints. First, we 3D print a wax model. Then, we use a lost-wax casting technique: a mould is formed around the wax before it’s melted and crammed with silver, thus creating your object.


Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)


uses a laser as an influence source so as to sinter metal powder by aiming a laser and tracing a cross-section of the thing layer by layer. Direct Metal Laser SIntering is analogous to the selective laser sintering process.

Electron Beam Melting (EBM) uses a beam because of the power source rather than a laser to 3D print metal. A beam melts metal powder layer by layer within a high vacuum and may achieve full melting of the metal powder. This method can produce high-density metal parts thus retaining the material’s properties.

If you would like to use Multicolor, Binder Jetting is popular since you’ll create detailed 3D prints with colour. an automatic roller is employed to spread a layer of powder onto the build platform. Excess powder is pushed to the edges and ensures that the bed is crammed with a layer of packed powder. On a quick axis, the print heads apply a liquid binder and colour simultaneously to make a cross-section of the thing on the powder.

Selective Deposition Lamination may be a 3D printing using paper. This process is analogous to laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) rapid prototyping method. the method involves layers of adhesive-coated paper (or plastic or metal laminates) that are successively glued alongside a heated roller and move shape with a laser cutter layer by layer. A roller with the fabric moves each new sheet of fabric over the last and repeats the method until the thing is completed.


Triple-jetting technology (PolyJet)


utilized in Stratasys Objet500 Connex3, is the most advanced method of PolyJet 3D printing. This technology performs precise printing with three materials and thus makes three-colour mixing possible. to understand more about this technology, you’ll ask PolyJet & Multijet

The list of 3D printing technologies and processes continues to grow as 3D printing is usually changing. The 3D printing industry continues to innovate its hardware also because the materials and processes to make objects or parts. counting on many factors like budget, design or function, choosing the acceptable 3D printing also because the right material is vital. 3D printing can create many various 3D printed objects that were previously only fabricated through mass manufacturing methods.

How To Print Hoodie

custom hoodie printing london

Reading time: 5 min


  • Printer
  • Standard Hoody
  • Heat Transfer Paper
  • Iron or Heat press machine
  • Etc 

Personalized hoodie is one of the most trendy items in 2020. One of the easiest methods to print on a hoodie is the heat transfer printing method. By this technique, You can make your own piece of custom hoodie within a few minutes. Let’s know how to make it.

Step 1

personalize hoodie printer uk
  • Choose the artwork or create yourself.
  • Mirror the image – Open the artwork with windows paint > Rotate > Flip horizontal. You can use free professional designing tools such as Inkscape to design your imagination.
  •  Put the transfer paper to the printer and print the image.
Step 2

how to print hoodie
Cut off the borders. Try not to leave any white space around your main design.

where to print hoodie in london
Iron the place where you will put the image. Iron and dry it well.

hoodie printing service near me

Put the image on the hoodie and iron it. Iron it for at least 3 minutes. Put well pressure on the iron.


Here your custom hoodie is ready to use.

hoodie printer near me

You can watch the video here

Video Credit: sir Cactus

We are one of the most trusted printers (Check our GMB) in London, UK. If you need custom hoodie printing and sweatshirts printing service then we can help you at a reasonable cost. Our print shop is open 7 days a week including bank holidays. As a digital printer, we accept any order amount even if it is a single piece. We also provide custom t-shirt printing service in London, UK.
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Make photo frame out of Newspaper

Reading time 6 min

Surprise your parents, relatives, friends, and loved ones with your own DIY photo frame. Make strong bonds with them to lead a happier life. Let’s start making custom DIY photo frame out of newspaper.

  • Glue 
  • Newspaper
  • Liquid colour
  • painting brush
  • Thin PVC board or equivalent item
Step 1

  • Cut the newspaper into small pieces
  • Make rolls with the cut pieces
Step 2

  • Make 16 pieces of newspaper sticks
  • Joined them with glue
  • Make 4 sets of sticks, each contains 4 sticks.

You can watch the video here


Step 3

  • Draw 4/6 centimetre line on the PVC board.
  • Leave a 1-inch gap around the line.
  • Cut the board according to the line.
  • It will give a rectangle shape frame.
  • Keep the main body (inside part of the frame) for using later.
Step 4

  • Join one set of paper sticks on each side of the frame with the glue.
Step 5

  • Place the frame on top of a newspaper so your floor can be saved from colour.
  • Colour the frame gently with the painting brush. Colour it well.
  • Take the body that you kept earlier and place it behind the frame.
  • Make a triangle stand with the pieces of PVC board and join it with the frame.
Here your DIY photo frame is ready to use.

This DIY photo frame is easy to make and has many customization opportunities. You can make a bigger and fancy frame by the same process.
As for example, you can use multiple colours for the sticks. You can cut the edge of sticks differently to give a unique look. Also, you can place simple artwork stickers on the frame.


You can watch the video here

Video credit: Technical guru

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Stay Safe T-shirt Printing at Home

Reading time: 5 min

Let’s make stay home, stay safe t-shirt at home with a few easy steps. However, If don’t do it and want a high-quality custom t-shirt in London then you can take a look at our T-shirt printing services. Here you can design and order the t-shirt. Let’s start making.

Materials need:

  • Heat transfer paper 
  • Silicon paper 
  • T-shirt
  • Iron
Step 1

  1. Buy a good quality plain t-shirt (140+gsm is preferred).
  2. Place the t-shirt on a plain surface.
Step 2

  1. Draw your stay safe message in the photo editor. After completing, mirror the design.
  2. Insert heat transfer paper inside your inkjet printer.
  3. Print out your design.
  4. Cut the unnecessary portion with the scissor. Cut slowly you don’t mistakenly cut the design.
Step 3

  1. Place the designed heat transfer paper on the t-shirt body by facing towards it.
  2. Place the silicon paper over the heat transfer paper.
Step 4

  1. Iron over the silicon paper for 5 min at least.
  2. Press well during ironing.


Remove the silicon paper and heat transfer paper slowly.

how to make custom t shirt at home

Here your custom stay home, stay safe t-shirt is ready!


You can watch the video here – 



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