5 Things You Can Do In East London (UK)

The East End is the perfect blend of old and new. On one hand it boasts a flower market that is over a century old, and on the other hand it offers a platform for today’s artistic types to show their work; and the option of diving into an array of night clubs and pop ups for the urban youth. Let’s explore what else East London has to offer:

Explore history

Olympic Park in east London

The Tower of London is a good place to start if you want an experience that takes you through time. Alternatively, take a casual stroll over to Olympic Park to relive the glory days of recent times. For theater lovers, The Yard is a good choice, and film lovers can visit Genesis cinema over on Mile End Road or Our Print Shop in Mile End LoL ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘



Take a walk

Wilton’s Music Hall

If the weather’s good, a walk at Lee Valley is lovely. There’s a countryside park just next to Clapton that offers a variety of Easter activities for the whole family. Take a tour of the Wilton’s Music Hall and learn about its fascinating history (including its evolution from a sailor’s pub to a music hall). The Barbican conservatory is also worth a visit.


Find a place to eat

The F Cooke restaurant (located on Broadway Market) has been operating since 1900 and it offers classic London cuisine including pie, mash pops, and eel. For the more contemporary diner, a little further on Shoreditch you will find Dinerama, where they serve all sorts of street food and cocktails late into the night.



Visit a museum

Victoria and Albert Museum or V&A Museum

For a family trip, the V&A Museum is a good place to start. It’s one of the most celebrated museums in London and you will find plenty of activity for everyone. If, however, you don’t fancy great museums, the Rich Mix creative center at High Street has a number of exhibitions that you might like. You will get to see amazing pieces from new artists.



Visit the Olympic Park for sporting activities

The London Olympics left the city with great sporting venues and attractions including waterways, playgrounds, and a host of sporting facilities. Visit the velodrome for track cycling, or take up a driving course over at the Tom Daley Driving Academy.

8 Ways To Make Your Office Chair Comfortable

An uncomfortable office chair can make you feel like you are not getting the job done. It may even ruin your sitting posture since you will most probably have to sit a certain way to be comfortable. An uncomfortable office chair can be a nightmare especially if it is the one you found when you started working there. However, there are some things you can try to make the chair a bit more comfortable.


Sitting Properly

Sitting in a proper posture can make the whole situation different. Do not sit in positions that make you feel tired after a short while, and always ensure that your feet are on the ground and not swinging around.


Adjust Your Chair

It is advisable to adjust the chair to fit your height before sitting. This can go a long way in ensuring that you are comfortable. Do not always assume that the chair is the same since you left it. It may have been changed by someone else in the office.


Adding Back Support

According to Ergosource this is another great way to ensure that the chair is comfortable. You can purchase lumbar support equipment that helps the back and makes the chair more comfortable if you are sitting for long hours. You can look online to get reviews of the best types of lumbar support equipment then choose one that suits you.


Placing A Footrest Under The Chair

If you feel that the chair is too high and cannot be adjusted, you can place a footrest under it. This will ensure that your legs remain in a comfortable position while you work. Your back will not be strained by the unevenness of the chair since your feet will be grounded.


Adjustable Arms

Chairs with adjustable arms are perfect because they provide support when you are tired and need an armrest. When you sit back in the chair and place your hands on the side, the body will relax making you less tired.


Find A Chair Designed For You

You should sit in a chair that is designed for your body type. If you are tall, get one that can provide you with the perfect height, and if you are heavy, get a chair that can support your weight properly. Check the width of the chair as well as the height to know if it is fit for you.


Replace The Chair

If trying all these techniques still doesn’t work, you should think of replacing the chair. Look for tips to get a comfortable office chair so that you can get the best one. Keep in mind that a good chair will not come cheap.


Additional Tips

You do not always have to sit when in the office. You can get an adjustable height desk. This allows you to adjust the height depending on the position you prefer. There is also the walkstation that is a combination of a desk and a treadmill. It allows you to get some exercise without getting out of the office.



6 Tips for Choosing The Right Office Chair

You sit in it for about eight hours a day, so it better be comfortable. Here are some great tips to choose the right office chair.

1. Analyse The Lumbar Support Provided

For employees who tend to sit in an office all day long, back pain is a common complaint. Office chairs which provide lumbar support can do much to solve this issue, hence the need to look for chairs which provide this feature. Some chairs are designed to have adjustable support, this means that each employee can adjust the chair so that it supports their body. In addition, some models are available which have firmness control, this means that you can make the support softer or firmer as required.

It’s important to have an office chair which is easy to adjust.

2. A More Adjustable Chair Is A Better Chair

As well the adjustable lumbar support, the office chair which you choose should be adjustable in a number of other key ways. Each and every person has a unique body shape, this means that a chair height and arm position which offers excellent support to one person may offer little to another.

The best office chairs are ones that offer a variety of adjustable features, such as arm position, seat height, and incline, such chairs allow employees to address their personal physical needs by customizing their seat.

3. There’s A Fine Balance Between Comfort And Breathability

Fabric can be an issue of discomfort among some employees – certain fabrics can make a person become overly warm. That is why a chair which offers breathable fabric, like mesh, is worth considering. That being said, while the chair back can give breathability, the actual seat should reach a balance between comfort and airflow. No one wants a seat that has no padding and leads to numerous aches.

Some chairs are designed in such a way that, even without padding, they are still comfortable for long periods of sitting. Check out these flash furniture office chairs.

4. Make A Short List

Now that you are aware of a few of the factors to consider when purchasing an office chair, it is time to make a short list of options. Seek out a few chairs which offer lumbar support, are easily adjustable and provide a balance between comfort and airflow, then make a choice from your short list.

5. Have Your Employees Give Feedback

Give your employees details on the chairs on your short list and ask them to consider the choice and tell you which one they would choose. Since it is the employees who will be using the chairs day in and day out they should have the one which one suits them best, providing a forum to offer opinions is a way of ensuring this happens.

You do not have to base your choice on the feedback provided by employees, however, the insight you gain may help you to make a better decision.

6. ‘Take A Seat’ In Each Choice

Once you have narrowed the search down to a couple of choices which seem to meet employee need it may still be difficult to make a final decision. Now it is time to test out the chairs. Taking a seat means you can feel for yourself how your lumbar is supported, how adjustable the chair is and whether it is easy to use. When you are testing the chairs, look out for these points.

You should be able to:

Adjust the back to an upright seated position with knees several inches from the edge.

Have your feet firmly on the ground.

Have your knees at a 90-degree angle.

Move your arms to a comfortable height.

Easily make adjustments.

Feel comfortable.

Move easily.

Feel good back support.

Keep good posture in a seated position.

With so many options available, finding the right office chair for your employees can seem like a mission impossible. However, the tips we have outlined above can help you to crea5te a short list and ultimately make a choice which will contribute to the happiness and wellbeing of your employees.

Seven Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Tradeshows

Tradeshows can be a great way for a business to get word of their company out there, get new customers and really gain some big wins. here are seven tips to make the very most of them.
1. Use promotional materials provided by the organizer.
There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, professionals recommend you take a look at some of the promotional materials that are provided by the organizer of the tradeshow. Usually, they will have a variety of different materials that you can use to let people know about your booth at an upcoming tradeshow. From banner advertisements to email templates, you can leverage these marketing tools for your business without having to put in a lot of time or effort.

  1. Be friendly to the people in the neighboring booths.

One of the first things that you should do when you arrive at the tradeshow is to introduce yourself to the people who are working in neighboring booths. Ask them a little bit about their business and take the time to get to know more about them.

This can benefit you in a number of different ways. For one thing, if people come to their booth looking for the types of products or services that you offer, they may be more willing to send them your way if you have established a friendly rapport. They also may be willing to share if you have forgotten anything important for the setup process such as a roll of tape or an extension cord.

  1. Don’t be late.

The earlier you can arrive on the first day of the tradeshow, the better. That way, you won’t have to rush to get everything set up. You can also usually get a closer parking spot, meaning that you won’t have to carry all of your supplies quite as far. By allowing yourself plenty of time to get set up, you can make sure that your booth looks perfect and that any unnecessary clutter is hidden away before the doors open.

Arriving well in advance also gives you a chance to check out the venue. That way, you can figure out where the restrooms are and can determine what types of refreshments are available. Once your booth is set up, you can also take time to network with other business owners or industry professionals who are participating in the tradeshow.

  1. Make a supply list

Things can get hectic at a tradeshow. To ensure that you don’t forget to bring along anything important, make a list of all of your necessary supplies before the event. As you pack each item, you can check it off of the list. That way, you are less likely to overlook anything important. Your list should include everything from office supplies like pens, paper, and tape to extension cords, electronic adapters, brochures, price lists, business cards, and any other supplies that you need.

  1. Focus on your most exciting products.

Tradeshows are a great place to introduce new or innovative products. Most people attend these shows to discover what is happening right now in a particular industry. Although you can bring along your full range of products, you should make sure to highlight the products that are the most unique or groundbreaking. When people visit your booth, be sure to point out your latest innovations so that they can see that your company is an industry leader that is worth a closer look.

  1. Make your booth interactive.

Technology has made it possible to create interactive displays that would have seemed impossible in the past. Take a look at some of the options that are currently available to see if there is a way to integrate them into your booth. For instance, using touchscreens to showcase your products or having visitors to your booth play a game is a great way to get them involved. Custom built exhibits with graphics can really offset this all  very well.  You can also use virtual reality to simulate how your product might work out in the real world. Brainstorm ways to make your booth exciting and interactive so that you can showcase your products in a way that really draws attention and gets people actively involved.

  1. Don’t forget to follow up after the show.

Tradeshows are all about capturing leads. Don’t allow the leads that you make during the show to go cold. As tempting as it might be to relax after the show, it is the perfect time to reach out to new contacts.

Sending out follow-up messages to any leads is a great way to keep your company fresh in the minds of anyone who visited your booth. Typically, you should try to get follow-up messages sent out within a week of the tradeshow. That way, people will still have the same level of excitement about your products as they did when they saw them at the show.

The whole point of attending tradeshows is to make new contacts. You can capture a tremendous number of promising leads at one of these shows. If you fail to follow up in a timely manner, however, you are essentially just throwing those leads away. Don’t make your tradeshow experience a waste of time. Instead, make the most of the information that you were able to gather by quickly following up on promising leads.

Pointers On How To Choose Retail ePOS

Having an ePOS system is a must-have tool for businesses looking to thrive and serve their customers and clients with utmost efficiency. However, choosing your ePOS system should not be done on a whim. A great deal of thought and consideration should go into your choice. Keep in mind that your ePOS system should improve your capabilities in as far as stock management, reporting on sales, providing information bestselling products, as well as providing information on customer management beyond processing payments. Herein we are going to look at some of the pertinent issues that you should keep in mind as you look for your ePOS system.


Do You Purchase Or Do You rent Your System


Either of these choices will have its own merits and demerits. For instance, when you opt to rent your system, the initial cost will be considerably low. Furthermore, in many cases, a rental agreement also includes some form of repair and maintenance agreement. Finally, with the rental option, you can expect to receive software updates faster, thus ensuring the security of your system. However, a notable demerit of this system is that it costs considerably more over the lifetime of system usage.


Purchasing your ePOS system outright from the start may seem more expensive but in the long-term, it is cost considerably cheaper than renting. However, you have to cater for the maintenance and repairs of the machine, which may push up the cost of ownership of the system. Another demerit of purchasing your system is that you may lag behind n software updates, increasing the vulnerability of your system as time passes by.


System Features That You Need


With the continuous development of ePOS systems over time, their capabilities and features have increased considerably. Mixtures of hardware and software capabilities are possible, making for a truly customisable system. As such, it is important to take into consideration the kind of features that you deem necessary and prioritise on the same. Whether you are interested in stock control, customer management, ease of use, the speed of use, you should focus on finding a system that will meet your needs comprehensively.


ePOS Hardware Considerations


As mentioned above, there are many hardware components that can be incorporated into your ePOS system. According to www.plm-global.co.uk these include PDQ machines for credit card readers processing, touchscreens, receipt printers, and barcode scanners. Choose the combination of hardware that will meet your needs.


Other Considerations


The software used in your system should improve efficiencies by, for instance, coordinating with your online platforms, reporting on stocks and sales, or managing your inventory. Such capabilities improve efficiency and improve your business performance.


Another consideration is the ability of the system to work off-line. This is important to allow your businesses to serve your customers even when you experience a technical failure.

Great Ways To Draw Visitors To Any Booth

Trade shows are venues that bring together sellers and prospective buyers. The upside is that purchasers visit trade shows with an eye toward buying and hoping to learn more about the best products you have for sale.


Of course, the downside of a trade show is that there are so many competitors sitting very near to you. The key to triumphing over this challenge is to make certain that your exhibit will not be missed by your target buyer.


The following ideas can be used to drive visitor traffic straight to your trade show booth.


  1. Location Of The Booth


There can be no doubt that booth location is critical, just as it is in real estate. Fortunately, the majority of trade shows provide access to the best booth spots if you are willing to pay a premium.


If you do wish to pay more for a great spot, make sure to inquire at an early stage in the game. Prime booth spots sell quickly, and some of these spots are already earmarked for prior exhibitors, so always plan ahead.


Booth location can also sometimes be used as a contract negotiating point. If you intend to be an annual participant in a given trade show, use that fact to your advantage when signing an agreement.


  1. Maximize Visual Appeal


Purchasers at trade shows will flock to an attractive booth. According to Exhibe, vivid colors and eye-catching design will help draw interested buyers to your location. Make sure visitors are able to quickly and clearly view your primary messaging by using strong lettering and advantageous lighting effects. If you want more info about improving visual appeal you can learn more at Exhibe.com.


  1. Optimize Approachability


Not only should your booth pack a visual punch, it also needs to have a feeling of approachability. Happy, welcoming attendants make all the difference in how many people actually stop to learn more. Offer a series of display tools so that an array of tastes are satisfied. Certain visitors like paper materials, others prefer interactive or video-based presentations.


Visitors may wish to converse with booth attendants to have their questions answered. Be sure knowledgeable staffers are always on hand to meet this need.


  1. Savvy Booth Hosting


Think about enlisting the help of hosts who have been trained in the product or service you are selling so that they can provide useful information to buyers who may wish to gain greater knowledge. It may also be wise to hire a magician, a model, photo booth from Booth Boy or other type of performer who fits the concept of the booth or the show itself.


  1. Provide Show-Related Specials


Be sure to inform potential customers of trade show-specific specials to create a sense of urgency. Post information about these special deals so that it cannot be missed by booth visitors.


  1. Promotional Contests


There is nothing quite as exciting as winning a contest or prize drawing, so making these elements part of your booth is always a winning idea. Make sure that booth visitors are required to provide contact information or a business card in exchange for entry into your contest. Here are some good ideas from Delta Marketing Group.

  1. Old-Fashioned Hospitality


Because trade shows can be physically taxing and draining, having a drink or a snack you can offer tired attendees can make your booth stand out among the rest. Try to align the food or drink to your booth’s theme or company philosophy. Bottled water with your brand on the label serves as a great reminder of your enterprise even after the visitors have moved onto the next booth.


  1. Expertise On Display


Make sure those who visit your booth receive something valuable as a result of stopping there. Industry-specific information, product listing, useful data or the like are great tools for distinguishing yourself. For shows at which most attendees hail from other locales, some information about local attractions would likely be very well received.


  1. Taking Advantage Of Social Media


It is crucial to get a social media marketing initiative established well before your trade show appearance. A great to utilize social media tools is to contact individuals who have checked in to the venue on social media or who have mentioned their show attendance on their personal or corporate Facebook or Twitter accounts. Urge them to visit your company’s booth and use social media to inform them of specialized promotions.

The Top Reasons Why Businesses Should Consider Advertising Outdoors

Outdoor advertising involves far more than just placing billboards on the side of the road. When you really start to look around, you will begin noticing advertising opportunities practically everywhere that you look. From banners on the sides of taxis and buses to benches on the side of the road, there are countless places where you can place ads to catch the attention of people as they walk by.


Outdoor advertising, which is sometimes called out-of-home advertising, is all about finding ways to connect with potential customers when they are going about their daily lives outside of their houses. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, the vast majority of people spend a lot of time out and about doing things. That is why it is so important to look for ways to connect with them wherever they are – even if they are away from home.


Below is a list of some of the primary benefits of outdoor advertising. As you read through this list, consider how you can put these types of advertisements to work for your business.


  1. Advertisements that are placed outdoors can have a lot of impact.


With most other types of advertising, the consumer is in control. For instance, if a television ad comes on, they can get up and walk away or they can change the channel. With outdoor advertising, on the other hand, there is no way for them to turn it off. That means that they are usually exposed to ads for a longer amount of time, allowing them to have greater impact.


  1. Outdoor advertising is easy to notice.


Most ads that are placed outdoors are either extremely large, as in the case of billboards, or they are designed to be as eye-catching as possible. Smaller adverts such as printer roller blinds are also ideal as they’re posted inside but can work as outdoor adverts. As a result, people are more likely to notice them than they are to notice other types of advertising. Best of all, these ads can usually be viewed equally as well whether someone is extremely close to them or whether they are viewing them from a distance, allowing you to reach a large audience.


  1. Advertising outdoors provides a great return on investment.


Any time you spend advertising dollars, it is important to make sure that you are going to get good results. A recent study done by Outdoor Media Association showed that advertisements that are placed outdoors provide a great return on investment, making them a smart use of your advertising budget.


  1. You can reach a large number of people.


Not only are outdoor advertisements seen by a lot of people but they are seen by a diverse group of people. Anyone who passes by your advertisement will see it. That means that you can reach everyone from college students to business professionals or retirees.


  1. It gives you a chance to reach consumers at key points in the buying process.


When used correctly, outdoor advertising can help guide people toward making a purchase. Because you have control over where your ads are placed, you can position them in areas that will have the greatest influence over potential buyers. For instance, by placing an ad for your products near a shopping center that sells them, you can reach people as they are on their way into the store, giving you a chance to connect with them just before the final stage of the buying process.


  1. Most people enjoy outdoor advertising.


Interestingly, people often enjoy looking at outdoor advertisements. In fact, APN Outdoor recently found that nearly three-quarters of the Australians that they surveyed liked the way that buses looked with advertising better than the way that they looked without it. More than a third of those same people enjoyed the distraction that the advertisements provided.


  1. Advertising outdoors works well in conjunction with other types of marketing.


By creating an advertising campaign that reaches across multiple advertising mediums, you can have the greatest impact on consumers. For instance, billboards or other outdoor advertisements can help reinforce messages that people have heard through your ads on the television or radio.


Advertising outdoors is a great way to connect with potential customers. We specialize in helping businesses create successful outdoor ad campaigns. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of this unique marketing method, contact us today to begin putting together your own effective advertising campaign.

Free Business Cards Printing UK + Free Delivery

Free Business cards printing UKAre you a start up business or want to re brand your company? Want to get some business cards but don’t want spend too much money on your cards. Then we have a good news for you Print In London is coming up with a new campaign where do don’t have to pay anything for your Business cards printing .Yes that’s right 100% Free Business cards printing including free posting or delivery!!! Very soon we are launching this project so keep your eyes on Print In London Blog for all new offers. Our aim is to be your reliable company to provide business cards for free UK.

Why Free Business cards:

When a new business is begun, there are many expenses which must be met. From fixed costs like the location, investments, different enrollments, client obtaining to enlisting individuals, setting up a working environment and so on. In these expenses are included different overhead costs likewise, which don’t get check precisely into investments or marketing costs. In any case, these assistance the business over the long haul, and they isn’t possible without. One of such costs or expenses is the relationship building fees.

Print Business cards for Free:

This is an exceptionally essential movement which is required to be done concerning a businessman, particularly one who has a new start-up. Without getting contacts and augmenting network in the industry, it is impractical to survive, neither one of its is conceivable to fight the ferocious competition. For these, business cards are required. Be that as it may, these want a cost, and when a new business or venture is begun, it makes a major percentage of the aggregate investments. In any case, these can be got free additionally, as Free business cards printing UK. These are the same as the typical ones, yet with the other quality and minor customization, since these are imprinted in huge numbers, and for their printing likewise, minimum costs must be brought about to make them free for the clients.

Free Business cards Printing UK :

Free business cards UK are astonishing devices of business promotion, and If they desire free, these can’t be contrasted and whatever else. These are made with the predefined templates, and just certain subtle elements like the name, address, contact numbers, logo outline and so forth are changed according to the client’s given points of interest. There are different shape templates which are accessible online, and the customer has simply to choose the coveted format for his/her card. Likewise, the different sizes can also be decided for these, contingent upon the specific requirements. Different size alternatives are accessible. However, the most well-known and the standard ones are the 400GSM cards, which are chosen and favored by professionals and organizations. Because of their size, these are perfect to hold close by and to convey in a wallet or purse, or even pocket.

Free Delivery:

Business card print for free includes the free printing and paper, while charges are made just on the conveyance of the cards to the doorstep of the client. These are small, and if the location of the customer is close or adjacent, it decreases considerably lesser. Hence, these are extremely economical when the cost contemplations are high, which is, for the most part for a new startup. We also offer same day business cards printing London. So if you need urgent business cards please email us or give us a quick call.

What is Bleed | How to add Bleed & Why

What is bleed:

All about Bleed for printing

So what really bleed is? It’s a very common question from the customer when print pre -press manger ask customer for Bleed.”Bleed is a form of printing that allows an artwork designer to print beyond the edges of a finished sheet. Bleed is simply the area that is trimmed off. This improves the quality of your work and in short extended part of your artwork background”.

frustrated gifCustomer gets frustrated when most of the printers ask for print bleed. Most of the designers think it’s too technical or time consuming to do.Good news for designer’s & The best part is that it can be incorporated into your work easily. Sometimes the background colors and artwork can reach the bleed area. Bleed printing allows the printer to account for design inconsistencies and movement of paper. After the sheet is trimmed, the bleed guarantees that no unprinted or white border edges will occur in the final document.

Why add bleed:

So why should you incorporate bleed and what will happen if you don’t? Imagine yourself designing a poster for an upcoming event. It has all the details of the event including a nice title and a big picture in the middle and they are sitting on a blue background. You send the document to your printer which does not alert you that bleed is missing from the file. After printing you realize that your poster has white strips on the edges, which is rather disappointing. This happens because your printer finds it difficult to trim the files without leaving a white edge. In other words, your artwork is not giving the printer even the slightest tolerance to work with.

Bleed Guideline :

When adding bleed, it is important to introduce margins in your document. Sometimes work can be designed without margins to meet varying design needs. Margins act as an extension of your bleed area inside the artwork. This is an area that you should avoid from including content because it might show up very close to your edges when the trimming has been done. However if the product is large you can include a larger margin to add a little touch to your final document.

The bleed area can extend 3mm around the edges of your artwork or design, there you should ensure that your artwork flows beyond the boarders to make it a seamless piece. Think of bleed as merely coloring beyond the lines that you wish to trim. As you do your bleed printing it is important to note that anything that appears in the bleed area will be cut off and will therefore not appear in the final product. As such you should have images and background colors in this area.


More Video tutorial about How to add bleed:

How to add bleed in indesign & Make your artwork Print Ready :

How to add bleed in illustrator & Make your artwork Print Ready:

How to add bleed in photoshop & Make your artwork Print Ready:


In Summery bleed is an extended part of background of your artwork which help to trim unwanted white border .It is technical part of printing for any more help about Bleed email us: [email protected]

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