How To Make A Custom Rubber Stamp

how to make custom stamp

Reading Time: 7 minute 

So we are going to make DIY custom rubber stamps. For this use standard eraser that is found in any stationery store, not very expensive and this is the perfect material to make a rubber stamp.


custom rubber stamp materials

custom rubber stamp materials

  • Stamp pad
  • Exacto knife
  • Rubber
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Drawing Sheet 
Step – 1

make custom rubber stamp
  • Take good quality white paper. 
  • Put the rubber on it.
First taken an eraser and you will mark the size of the eraser so that we know the surface we have for a stamp and this is the area in which we can draw whatever you want and convert into a stamp drawing pencil.

Step – 2 

DIY custom rubber stamp
  • Draw your pencil around the rubber by touching it.
  • Draw your stamp inside that rubber shape.

Make sure that drawing is simple because you should find it easier to cut it and convert it into a stamp as we can see.

custom shaped stamp

Step – 3

printing stamp
  • Turn over the rubber and paper.
  • Rub your pencil on it well.

( This will place a shadow of the art on the rubber stamp )

making stamp
The image is ready and now we will start cutting this I will convert this into a stamp. it’s important to start with something simpler. Get the experience of it and you can make more details next time.
Step – 4

  • Cut the rubber according to the art line with the Exacto knife

For making the custom stamp shape, Cut the rubber very cautiously. Put something on the finger before cutting the rubber stamp. Gently cut around the outline. Remove the extra eraser. keep doing the same thing for all the parts. Be very slow and very careful because you don’t wanna damage your stamps all around the lines go very slowly and get your form correct. The smaller areas are slightly tricky to cut.

Remove all the areas where we don’t have an outline and leave the outline because that will become the stamp vacancy. All this negative area around the pencil.

Step – 5

Your stamp is ready. Place the custom rubber stamp on the stamp pad and then stamp it hard on the paper. Press the stamp on the paper for 3 seconds.

Write your messages inside the art of your custom stamp.

We have done with black but you can try whatever colors you want.


Make beautiful gifts for your parents, relatives, teachers with your DIY custom rubber stamp.

How To Make A Printing Press

Reading Time: 12 min

Materials and Tools

  • Electric drill and drill bits
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Sprint Level
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Wood Saw
  • 1x 2000kg car bottle jack
  • 4x 300x300mm bamboo cutting boards (or>15mm MDF)
  • 1x 460x550x150mm baseboard (pine or MDF)
  • 2x 1200x70x15mm plank | cut 5 at 460mm long
  • 1x 1200x100x50 plank | cut 4 at 250mm long
  • 2x 200x50x5 metal plates
  • 4x 3/8″x700mm threaded rods
  • 4x 3/8″ wing nuts
  • 16x 3/8″ nuts and washers
  • 4x 3/8″ caps nuts
  • 24x 12mm wood screws
  • 8x small corner brackets with 6mm screws

Step 1


  • 1x 460x550x150mm baseboard (pine or MDF)
  • 4x 460x70x15mm planks
  • 12x 12mm wood screws
Instructions – Drill, glue, and screw to attach the timber support lengths underneath the pine baseboard. See the list of materials for measurements.

Step 2


  • 1x 300x300mm bamboo cutting boards
  • 4x 12mm wood screws
Instructions – The first bamboo board is then screwed onto the pine baseboard. The screw holes are countersunk to provide a level base for the next board. The remaining three bamboo boards are left unattached.
Step 3


  • 4x 250x100x50mm plank
  • 8x small corner brackets with 6mm screws
Instructions This guard holds the boards steady while printing. Set a corner bracket at each length of timber and screw it into the bamboo base plate and into the side of the guard. Repeat for each side.

Step 4


  • 4x 3/8″x700mm threaded rods
  • 16x 3/8″ nuts and washers

Instructions – Insert the steel threaded rods into the pine base plate. Tighten the nuts and washers underneath the pine base plate. Next, add additional nuts and washers to the threaded rods on the topside of the base plate and tighten.

Step 5


  • 1x 460x70x15mm plank
  • 2x 200x50x5 metal plates
  • 4x 12mm wood screws

Instructions – Two steel plates are centered; one on top and one underneath of the top bar. These provide added strength.

Step 6


  • 4x 3/8″ wing nuts
  • 8x 3/8″ nuts and washers
  • 4x 3/8″ caps nuts

Instructions – Place an additional nut and washer onto the steel rods then insert steel threaded rods into the predrilled rods on the top bar. Place wingnut and washer on top of the drill rods, level the top bar, and tighten.

Step 7


  • 1x 300x300mm bamboo cutting boards

Instructions – Place first loose bamboo boards to the already fixed bamboo board that is attached to the pine baseboard.

Step 8

Instructions – Use a clear plastic sheet one the second loose bamboo board.

Step 9

Instructions – Ink your plate, place it on the plastic sheet, and place the paper on top. To provide padding. Place extra paper and card on top of these followed by the felt.

Step 10


  • 2x 3oox300mm bamboo cutting boards

Instructions – Place the two bamboo platen boards on top.

Step 11


  • 1x 2000kg car bottle jack

Instructions – Put the car jack on top of all the boards and wind up to touch the top bar. Pump the jack up until you feel firm resistance. Leave for a few seconds, release the pressure, and remove the jack and top bamboo plates to reveal your finished print.

This printer is suitable for –

  • Lino prints
  • Monotypes printing
  • Embossing print
  • Collagraph print
  • Wood engravings print
  • Other relief printing
You can watch the full video here –
Video Credit: Umbrella Studio
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How To Make Stickers at Home

Reading Time: 6 min



  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Sticky Tape
  • Scissors
  • Stickers

Step 1

Draw your illustrations or choose from online. You can get free sticker templates from here. Or you can make your own stickers by Canva’s label making template.


Step 2

Print out the sticker using your home printer.

  • First, insert your sticker paper into the tray of your printer.
  • Next, go the file,
  • then print on your Microsoft Word design.
  • Then, go to printer properties for your printer and select “other photo paper” since the sticker paper is a type of photo paper. Now, select the quality that you want your sticker to print.

Step 3


Separate all stickers from each other by cutting them with a scissor. Cut with cautions. Leave a small border for each sticker.


Step 4


  • Take a wide sticky tape.
  • Then stick your illustrations on the tape facing down.
  • Cut the extra tape around the stickers


Step 5

Stick the cutouts on it with the right side up. Then cut the extra tape around the stickers.


Step 6

Cut these out by leaving a slight border.


Use your stickers to beautify your favorite stuff.

Watch the video here

Video Credit: Mad Stuff With Rob

Stickers are really simple to create utilizing materials you probably already have around the home; you can additionally produce professional-looking stickers by using sticker paper.

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How To Make Brochures – 9 Types

how to make brochures. 9 types of brochure

Learn to make 9 types of brochures

Brochures work as an ideal introduction to your business. Precisely distributed, brochures can extend your organization’s visibility. A brochure is a very good promoting tool when connecting with new clients. They can be passed out face to face, sent, or left at precise organizations that are happy to assist you with arriving at their clients.

Type Of Brochure-

  1. Half Fold Brochure
  2. Classic Tri-Fold Brochure
  3. Single Gate Fold Brochure
  4. Z Fold Brochure
  5. Four-Panel Fold Brochure
  6. Four-Panel Roll Fold Brochure
  7. Four-Panel Accordion Fold Brochure
  8. Half Fold + Half + Fold Brochure
  9. Five Panel Accordion Fold Brochure
  10. Map Fold Brochure

Half Fold

  • A half fold brochure also is known as a book fold brochure.
  • It is constructed by folding an 8.5″x11″, 8.5″x14″ or 11″x17″x25.5″ sheet of paper once, creating two equal halves.

Classic Tri-Fold Brochure

  • A Trie-fold brochure also is known as a letter fold brochure.
  • It is constructed by folding an 8.5″x14″, 11″x17″ or 11″x25.5″ sheet of paper twice.

Single Gate Fold Brochure

  • Commonly use for folding type for 6-page documents.
  • It usually constructed by the folding size of 8.5″x11″. 8.5″x14″, 11×17″, or 11″x25.5″. Basically, on a sheet of paper twice.

Z Fold Brochure

  • Commonly used for 6 pages document.
  • It is usually constructed by the folding size of 8.5″x11″. 8.5″x14″, 11×17″, or 11″x25.5″

Four-Panel Fold Brochure

  • It is also commonly used for 6 pages document.
  • It is usually constructed by the folding size of 8.5″x11″. 8.5″x14″, 11×17″, or 11″x25.5″

Four-Panel Roll Fold Brochure

  • It is also commonly used for 6 pages document.
  • It is usually constructed by the folding size of 8.5″x11″. 8.5″x14″, 11×17″, or 11″x25.5″.
  • The two-panel that is the largest size, a short panel, and a shorter panel.

Half Fold + Half + Fold Brochure

  • It is also commonly used for 8 pages document.
  • After folding it consists of eight panels. Four, on the inside. Four, on the outside.
  • Commonly used for greeting cards and wedding invitations.

Five Panel Accordion Fold Brochure

  • It is usually constructed by folding a size of 13.75″x8.5 (folded size:2.75″), 17.5″x8.5″(folded size:4.25″x8.5″). Used for travel brochures or direct mail

Map Fold Brochure

  • It is usually constructed by folding. It consists of 12 panels. 6 inside, 6 outside.


Watch the full video here –

Video Credit: PIS TV


Tips for making a good brochure –

  1. Know your reason before you start. 
  2. Use limited fonts.
  3. Get your duplicate right.
  4. Your readers should be on first.
  5. Use easy sentences.
  6. Keep what works.


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How To Print T-shirt At Home

Reading Time: 6 min

  1. Blank t-shirt
  2. Transfer paper
  3. Computer for design
  4. Digital printing machine
  5. Etc

Step – 1

  • Select your design. 
  • Resize the image to 12×16 inches

Step – 2

  • Check the design if there is anything inappropriate
  • Mirror the image after completing the checkup
  • Printout the image.
Step – 4

  • Get transfer paper
  • Place the transfer paper behind the image

Step – 5

  • Iron the printing area of the t-shirt
  • Place the image and iron over it well
  • Wait for 10-15 min after ironing

Step – 6

Remove the image slowly

Here is your complete product!

Watch the video here – ( pop out the video if error happens )

Video Credit: sir Cactus
  • Use a quality blank t-shirt. Should use 130+ gsm t-shirt. 150+ gsm is ideal for custom transfer paper printing.
  • Recheck the design and forget to mirror the whole image.
  • Iron the t-shirt before placing the transfer paper.
  • After placing the paper on the t-shirt, iron it well.
  • After ironing, remove the paper slowly.

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How to Make Paperback Notebook

Reading Time: 6 min

Materials Need:

  • – White Glue (PVA)
  • – A4 or other size papers.
  • – Japan Saw for thin cuts
  • – Black+Decker Workmate to hold paper


Step – 1

Cut the paper to size. You can use A4, A3 or any custom size paper but take only one size of papers. Take as many papers as you want.

Step – 2

Check if you can browse it. Smooth at two sides- the glue will be added on one of the sides.

Step – 3

Rough side upwards – here is where the glue is added. smooth side looking down below.

Step – 4

Cut thin slices with the saw. Half inch deep cuts should be well.

Step – 5

Use paper glue on top of the cuts and label the glue so it looks smooth.

Step – 6

Dry the glue well. Take a few hours or overnight.


Your Notebook is ready for use



Watch the full video here





Video Credit: 1videoshow


  • Use high gsm papers.
  • A4 paper is ideal for general purpose.
  • Don’t cut the paper deeper than half inch.


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How to make poster at home – DIY

Reading Time: 5 min

Materials need: 

  1. Photo Frame
  2. Painting Sheet
  3. Acrylic Paint
  4. Paint Brush
  5. Pencil
  6. Etc


Step: 1 – Take a photo frame of any size as you like.

Step: 2 – Take an art paper, dab the brush with water and spread it on the sheet so that the color will blend in well.

Step: 3 – To Create the gradient effect you can paint darker strokes from the bottom and slowly fading upwards.

Step: 4 – Write down the quote. Use stencils to get the proper shape.

Step 5 – Dry the poster for half an hour. After that place the poster inside the photo frame.

You can watch the full video here –


Video Credit:  Shashank Negi Films

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How to make desk calendar – DIY

How to make desk calendar – DIY


Reading Time: 7min

Materials –

1. Wooden laths
2. Loose-leaf rings
3. Wood glue
4. Paper
5. Self-adhesive numbers & letters 


Step 1 –

Take 3 pieces of 20cm, 2 pieces of 10cm and 2 pieces of 9cm wooden laths


Step 2 –

Glue the wooden laths together to create a wooden structure for the calendar


Step – 3

Watch the video ( you can skip that for now )


Video Credit: Spirit

Step 4 –

Make the base by 2 pcs of 9 cm and 2 pcs of 20 cm wooden laths



Step 5 –

Place the wooden structure for the calendar on top of the base


Step 6 –

Take around 30 thick papers of 4.5 cm height and 8.5 cm width for making self-adhesive stickers. Punch a hole on top of the papers.


Step 7 –

Cut colored papers by required shaped and place on the papers with glue.
Make 12 tags for months, 10 tags for day’s second digit and 4 tags for day’s first digit. You can use multi-color for variation.


Step – 8

Place metal hooks with all tags and place the tags on top of the wooden structure according to the correct sequence.

You can watch the full video here –





Video Credit: Spirit

Extra –

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How to make screen printing machine DIY

How to make screen printing machine DIY

Reading Time: 8 min

Materials Need:

  1. Card Boards
  2. PVC Boards
  3. Cutting tool
  4. Motor and wire
  5. Thick glass
  6. Ink for printing
  7. Papers
  8. Etc

Step 1

  • Cut the cardboard and make a small hole on it
  • Join the thin cardboard layer on top of the base cardboard
  • Make 2 of it.
Step 2
  • Make a rectangle shape box with the pieces of PVC board.
  • Place 4 piece of holder shape PVC on the box
  • Place one spinner on that rectangle box.
( One side of the box will be opened )

[ You can watch the full video here ]











Video Credit: Expert Eye

Step 3

  • Make a big rectangle shape box ( open from beneath )
  • Place a motor inside that box
  • Connect a switch with the motor

Step 4

  • Place that PVC board with the spinner on top of the big rectangle box
  • Place that two pieces of cardboard (step 1) by side of the PVC board
  • Cover the PVC board

Step 5

  • Prepare the plate for screen printing

Step 6

  • Place a paper on the cardboard box
  • Put ink on the ink holder
  • Turn on the switch

Get your printed paper, Made by your own machine!












Video Credit: Expert Eye

Advice: If you fail for the first time then don’t worry, it’s very usual to fail. You can take this project for increasing your problem-solving skills.

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