How To Make A Mug Printing Machine

Reading Time: 7min
Materials Required:
  • Mug
  • Printed Sheet
  • Cutter
  • Cardboard Pieces
  • Sheet
  • Sponge Pieces
  • Coils
  • A Metal Plate
  • Screws
  • Plastic Bars
  • Clips
  • Wires
  • Extension Cord
Step 1: Cutting The Cardboard

  • Take a piece of cardboard and make a round cut on it.
  • Attach other cardboard pieces along the boundary to cover it from the sides.
  • Take a piece similar to the base for covering the top.
Step 2: Making The Coil

  • Take a piece of paper.
  • Attach pieces of Sponge in it.
  • Place the coil on top of it. The ends of the coil must be made into the plane wire so that it can be connected.
  • Cover the coils with other pieces of sponge.

[ You can watch the video also ]






Video Credit: Expert Eye

Step 3: Making The Metal Plate And Attaching It

  • Place the sheet containing the coil on the metal plate with the ends of the coils out.
  • Attach the metal plate in the round cavity and insert the ends of the coil into the structure.
  • Fit the plate with the help of screws.
Step 4: Making The Switch And Placing It

  • Take a metal clip and attach plastic bars in one end and a round plastic rod on the other end.
  • Fit it into the machine using a round cardboard rod
  • Make sure the switch is firmly held.

Step 5: Wiring

  • Insert wires in the machine that connects the ends of the coil.
  • Plug the wires at the other end.
Step 6: Printing The Cup

  • Attach the printed sheet onto the cup and place the cup into the round cavity.
  • Pull the switch and wait for 10 minutes.
  • The print gets embedded into the cup.
  • Remove the sheet and wash the cup.
Your cup is printed and ready to use!

Make your own printed cup at home now and the best part is you get to choose the design on it!

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Warning: The sealer machine must be carefully installed. Electric coil does not touch the cardboard. It may cause fire, so work with caution.





Video Credit: Expert Eye

How To Make Mini Bricks At Home (DIY Video)

How To Make Mini Bricks At Home (DIY Video)

Reading Time: 5 minutes

List of things you will need.

  1. Soft Glue
  2. White Cement
  3. Color (optional)
  4. Pins
  5. Ruler Scale
  6. Knife
  7. PVC Boards
  8. Pen
  9. Water
  10. Etc

Step 1: Take a piece of PVC board and draw small boxes ( Brick size )

Step 2: Take small pieces of PVC boards and place them on the main board with soft glue

Step 3: Join the PVC boards with these pins

Step 4: Take white cement and mix it with some water

Step 5: Add color with the cement and mix it well

Step 6: Fill the small boxes with the cement mixture and level it

Step 7: Dry the brick plate well and remove bricks from the boxes

Use quality white cement
You can use this same method to make larger bricks
Dry the brick well
Have patience, if you fail for the first time then don’t worry,
its normal to fail for the first time.

( You can watch the full video here )

Video Credit: Expert Eye

How To Make Laminating Machine From Cardboard! DIY Laminator

How To Make Laminating Machine From Cardboard! DIY Laminator


Reading Time: 5 minutes
You’ll need:
List of things you will need.
  1. Card Board
  2. Aluminum Pipes
  3. Plastic Papers
  4. Ruler Scale
  5. Knife
  6. PVC Boards
  7. Tissue Papers
  8. Glue
  9. Drill Machine
  10. Motor Machine
  11. Switch
  12. Wire
  13. Etc

Step One: Cut The PVC Board

Take 2 small piece of pvc board and cut the boards like U shape with a knife. Then cut thin slices on the boards and place a net on it.

Video Credit: Expert Eye

Step Two: Prepare the Card Board Structure

Cut a card board into 3 piece and join them like the picture. Place the PVC boards on both sides of the card board structure.

Step Three: Make the rollers

Take a aluminium pipe and wrap it with a wire, then wrap that pipe with a tissue paper and a plastic paper. Make 2 of that pipe.

Step Four: Place the two pipes

Make 2 holes on each of the card board with drill machine or other staff. Then place the two pipes to these boards.

Step Five: Make the main body

Take the card board with pipes and place it inside the card board structure that was prepared earlier. Place a motor with pipes so both pipes can roll when motor is on.

Step Six: Cover the body with card board pieces

Cover the whole body with card board pieces and place a switch on top of the body that will be linked with motor so you can control the motor with that.

Step Seven: Prepare your product


Take a photo and place it inside the laminating paper.

Step Eight: Test your machine


Insert the photo from behind the machine and turn the switch on.
your photo will come out with lamination.
You can insert 2 photo at a time.


– Use 3mm thick PVC boards, it is better for durability and easy to cut.
You can check Foamcell for 3mm PVC boards.

– Don’t use cheap motor, there are many good motors on the market but we suggest NTL tree life 12 volt multipurpose motor.


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Lastly, If you don’t want to take the pain of making all this and just want a easy
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How to Sell Ticket for Charity Shows and Collect More Donations?

Sell Ticket for Charity ShowsPrinting is a fun and amazing exercise and one of the best ways to ensure that organizations have what they are looking for in terms of promotional tools and creativity. When you have a show, the first thing is to make sure that you have effectively advertised it to the right audience and are able to gain their attention. You need to use the best printing designs for your posters and advertisements to ensure that you attract as many people as possible to the event.

Gathering people for anything at all is quite difficult; and it is much more difficult to gather people to donate to a charity course. You must convince them to join the charity before they can buy the tickets. The best way around it is by ensuring that you have greatly designed tickets that are not only eye-catching but emotionally captivating as well.

Learn your target audience:

You must learn your target audience and understand various engaging ways through which you can reach them and convince them to buy tickets for your charity shows.  You can try and reach your physical audience by printing tickets that capture the best moments in life and creatively using words to lure your target buyers to purchase the tickets to the charity shows. It has been said that a photo speaks a thousand words; very true. Ticket printing requires you to get the perfect photo that sends the right message to potential donors. A combination of the right photo and the perfect matching message will warm it way right into the donors’ pockets and help you sell tickets while collecting even more donations.

People love a sad story and sometimes the sadder it is the better. It will break their hearts more creating a need for them to come to the rescue. Ticket printing for charity events can be quite tricky because in most cases you are trying to tell a sad story to get people to empathise and want to help. You have to chose your ticket print design and words very carefully to ensure that you are not offensive but inspirational; the line between the two can get very thin and once you cross over to the other side, you might as well forget making any sales on your tickets.

Use some great slogans:

You can also use some great slogans in the ticket such as “sharing is caring” further influence the perception of any potential ticket buyers and create the best chance for them to buy the ticket. The money you gain from these tickets are likely to be going directly into the donation’s account, so it is important that you gain as many ticket purchases as possible. During the ticket printing you must ensure to mention all the important information including the venue, event schedule, email and live-chat customer care, promo codes, transparent pricing, and performance reporting, among other things. You can consult with a ticket printing company or professional to gain more insights into the ticket printing industry and know how to add value into the event.

Thanks for reading as a thanks returning we would like to offer you some cheap ticket printing and event tickets printing which will help your charity to same some money on tickets and focus more on fund raising.

Importance of Business Cards for Taxi or Minicab Business

Importance of Business Cards for Taxi or Minicab Business

Importance of Business Cards for Taxi or Minicab Business

Business cards are particularly small in size, but the impact they have on your taxi or minicab business can be exponential. When you design business cards for your taxi or minicab business, you give them out to your customers or potential clients. Business cards are an extensively tailored way of marketing your business, and their varying designs offer a wide pool of creativity to grow.

First Impression

When you give someone your business card, it is a way for you to introduce yourself and your taxi business to them. Therefore, a positive first impression is imperative and the best way to do that is by designing a striking taxi business card that includes all your important contact information. A successful first impression should help your prospective client to gain interest in your after your first meeting. When you have a taxi business card, it highlights your credibility and professionalism to your clients and potential clients. It makes you more attractive to your customers, eventually creating traffic for your taxi business.

Low Cost

Business cards are one of the cheapest and most valuable business promotion tools. In the taxi business, it is an added advantage because you meet potential clients at any stop and having a cheap and effective way to market your business means that you can give your taxi business cards to as many people as possible without any pressure. Eventually, the effort will pay off and bring traction to your taxi business.You can also use your taxi cards for Taxi Receipts to same more cost.


Taxi business cards are very light and easily portable. They don’t take up any space and you can stack as many as 1000 and place some in your pocket and the rest in your taxi. This means that the business cards are always at arm’s length and you will never miss the opportunity to advertise your taxi business to any potential clients. It is the same case for your clients; since the cards are portable they can easily carry them in their pockets and purses. They might see your business card later and call you back.

Building your Brand

Every business has to build their brand in order to grow; it is no different for a taxi business. Branding is as important for one business as it is for the next, and taxi business cards help you establish and grow your brand.Other way to promote your brand through taxi flyers and taxi stickers. The better established your brand is, the more identifiable it is and the higher the traction it will receive. You can include your business logo and marketing slogan on your taxi business cards to help strengthen your brand to all your potential clients and anyone who sees your card.

As a taxi driver or taxi business owner, you want to be readily accessible to your clients; there is no better way than having business cards to help you easily reach them. You want to make it possible for them to reach out whenever they are stuck and need a taxi to take them to their destination. A taxi business card makes it easy to give your contact details to your clients. It also provides a personal touch.

What is Grayscale printing?

The world has come a long way in how it sends out information out there. From television to radio to the internet, more and more ways are being found to relay information out to the world.
However, there is one mechanism that has stayed true to itself and has not been removed from the scheme is printing. It started off as a way people could get information through newspapers. Eventually, it evolved into something that people could advertise their businesses and plans through, and it has kept on going strong.
What is Grayscale printing?The best about printing is it has not veered off track so much. It allows the user to convey their message in a simple way without complicating it. Colour printing, black and white and one of the new and best method grayscale printing. All these enable the user to choose the best way to print the documents they want and in what format. I’ll take some time to talk about one of the printing methods that is used nowadays.

What is Grayscale printing?

Many will ask what is grayscale printing. I confess when I first heard of it, I was too unsure about what it all was. To me, I just thought it was another way to confuse us all. As you do get to know it, you understand that it’s needed in our ways of printing too. Grayscale printing is essentially an image printed with variations of grey colour shades varying from 1 to a million in some cases.

Difference between print as grayscale and black and white

The colour shades for grey are from black to white but are different from black and white printing itself. Now that I have mentioned black and white, we also have to mention the differences. Many people do get confused between black and white printing and grayscale printing. Here are some of the notable differences between the two:
• Black and white have only two colours involved. Only black ( which is the ink) and white colour, in most cases the paper colour. There are no other variations to this, only these two. Therefore, in other words, you can say that black and white only represents one pixel where it can be either black or white and nothing else. It is like binary numbers. It’s either 1 or 0 and nothing else. It can’t change.
• Grayscale printing, on the other hand, has many colours involved and coupled with so many different variations. As mentioned in the definition. The variations can be from one grey variation to a million grey variations. However, all of them range from black and white. So you get a situation where the printed image can bring out anything you want but as long as it falls on the spectrum of grey. Many pixels are involved so to say, and they bring out a good picture of the grey you want.
Now we have mentioned some of the differences noted between black and white printing and grayscale printing. The next question will hinge on how can I print these colours from my computer.

How to print black and white from a MacBook:

This is not a bad question because most of the computers out there have a way of complicating things by giving so many options. It is good of course, but it does confuse people in most cases.

1. To print with a Mac, as you are on the document you wish to print, press the file menu and click on print.
2. A screen will pop up with printing options and click on show details to give you a better choice of what you want.
3. On the new screen, an option for black and white will pop up and you can click on black and white.
This will enable you to print the document in the format you want. If you want to print in grayscale the option also pops up and you can choose which variation from the following pop up.

How to print in black and white on windows

1. Select file option and then click on print afterwards
2. A screen will pop up and one of the options will be printer properties. Click on it.
3. Another screen with variations of how you want the document to be printed will show up.
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You can choose black and white from there to suit your needs. The other options for grayscale printing and colour printing are also available there.

13 Reasons Why Poster Is Still The Most Effective Way To Promote Anything


Good marketing is one of the most important aspects necessary for a successful business or product. Marketing is essential in almost everything you do. Selling your product is an art and poster is a masterpiece. A poster has been an effective medium of advertising for ages and is still in vogue. Here are 13 reasons why a poster is still an effective way to promote anything:

1. Posters are a profitable way of marketing

Posters are arguably the most cost-effective method of marketing. They enable you to reach out to the public in an exponentially cheap way than the mediums like radio, television, newspaper, and social media marketing. You can save a lot of money on marketing by utilising the power of powers. You can also invest the way money saved on marketing for other tasks.

2. You can promote your product 24*7

There is no limit of time when it comes to marketing by posters. When you stick a poster somewhere, every person passing by the place is bound to notice it. Since the poster is going to be there 24*7, anyone can notice it anytime without even you having to pay extra for the timeless service.

3. It is easy to change and update posters

As posters are easy to print and design, they are easy to replace too. If you notice a minor mistake in the data given on a poster, you can very conveniently replace them with corrected ones. Also, if you have to add new information to an already existing, you can do it with no additional efforts.

4. Posters are a reliable medium

A poster is a traditional method of marketing and has stood the tests of time and technology. It is observed that people are more likely to trust the information they get from posters as they are accessible and displayed in public places. They are so convenient that both literate and semi-literate people find them resourceful

5. You can reach a wide range of audience through posters

There are many places you can use for poster campaigns. The crowd at these places comprises of people from every working class and age groups. This helps in advertising your product to every kind of possible customer. A poster has possibly one of the most extensive range of audience.
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6. Posters have a good impact on public

People tend to remember what they read on posters. They are said to have a deep impact on a huge number of people. Posters are very useful for spreading the message for a social cause and depending on the visual effects added to it, the impacts can be long-lasting.

7. Posters have a versatile usage

You can use design a poster with an endless selection of fonts, graphics, designs, and words. Unlike other mediums of advertisement, a poster can be designed according to the location of the campaign cost-effectively.

8. You can use posters anywhere

There is no limit on places where you can use a poster for your advertising campaign. Shopping malls, high-end restaurants, local eateries, local shops, offices, colleges, and parking lots make up for the best places to reach a mass audience through the medium of a poster.

9. Posters work wonders in situations like heavy traffic

A person stuck in heavy traffic is the most attentive audience you get for any form of advertisement. Besides, having posters set up in places where heavy traffic occurs is a great way to grab the attention of many people at once.

10. Posters are a good way of advertising in trade shows and exhibitions

At trades and exhibitions, you can target a concentrated customer group and achieve a lot of conversion rate through proper marketing by posters. Trade shows and exhibitions can also help you in advertising for potential investors.

11. Posters can be used on mobile mediums

With proper processes, you can also use posters on trains, buses, and cabs. This is also a good way of reaching out to a lot of people who are commuting from one place to another.

12. Posters have a long-lasting impact

There is a high possibility that a person might come across the same poster for more than once. The message posted by a poster can be etched into the memory of a person if he/she reads it frequently. 

13. Posters are flexible in terms of shape and size

You can alter the shape and size of a poster according to the place it is being used in. Huge-size posters are perfect for roadside advertisements, whereas compact-size posters are good for shops and restaurants. Also, posters can be printed in any shapes.

If you too are looking for promoting your product or business with posters, consult only the experts like Poster Printing.

Print Shop open on Christmas,Boxing Day,31st Night and New Year’s Day 2018

Print Shop open in Christmas,Boxing Day,31st Night and New Year's Day 2018

Print Shop open in Christmas,Boxing Day,31st Night and New Year's Day 2018

Our print shop and all kind of printing services will be open on  Christmas,Boxing Day,31st Night and New Year’s Day 2018.That mean we are open on 25th ,26th 27th and all he bank holidays in this year and next year.As promised Print in London is your 24 hour open print shop which never close and our aim is to solve customer printing needs when there no other printing services are open in the Christmas,Boxing Day,31st Night and New Year’s Day 2018.

What can we print on this bank holidays:

We can print from a single A4 pages to business cards,banner,booklets,brochure,flyers,leaflets,sticker,poster,roller banner,menu,Printing and binding or any kind of academic dissertation binding London same day.

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