Essential Print Products for Your Dream Wedding

Weeding is one of the most important and eventful memories one may have in their lifetime. As a result, everyone tries to make their wedding event stand out and dreamy. And a memorable wedding starts with your wedding card, menu card and program details.

And that brings us to know the importance of essential print products for your dream wedding so you can find and print them at competitive pricing with your preferred customisation offers. Print in London, as your premier printing partner, thus, brings a list of wedding printing products that will create a long-lasting and emotional impression during the event.

Also, we understand how high-quality print materials can turn your wedding vision into reality. So, in this article, you will learn about the essential print products for your dream wedding with their possible materials, printing cost and related info. So continue reading if you plan to ensure a dreamy, creative and impressive wedding party.

Essential Print Products for Your Dream Wedding

From traditional wedding cards to RSVP cards and photo albums, printing products for your wedding is unbelievably long. As you fix your wedding budget, knowing this list will help you finalise the plan and budget with perfection.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are the first glimpse of the big celebration that your guests receive. It will largely set the tone of your big day. Also, a nicely decorated, designed and printed wedding card creates excitement among invitees.

  • If you want a premium and elegant look for your wedding card, you can opt for thickcardstock. It will look elegant and feelsubstantial in your guests’ hands.
  • A heavier cardstock adds a sense of luxury and durability to your invitations. So, your friends and families will likely keep it as a souvenir for your special day.

Print in London suggests you use embossed or foil-stamped finishes for this finish. They will add a touch of sophistication and opulence to your wedding card. These finishes create a visually appealing texture that enhances the card’s look. It will further elevate the perceived value of the invitation.

And for the printing technique, you may choose Letterpress printing. It is a classic and timeless technique that results in beautifully pressed text and images for an artisanal touch. Lastly, for the wedding card size, you can choose between the following:

  • Standard A5 (148 x 210 mm) or
  • square (150 x 150 mm)

We offer you the following options for your wedding card and invitation.

Design AspectOption/Details
Size– A7 (5″ x 7″)
– Square (5.25″ x 5.25″)
– DL (99mm x 210mm)
– Custom sizes available
Orientation– Portrait
– Landscape
Card Stock– Matte cardstock (250gsm)
– Glossy Cardstock (300gsm)
– Textured paper (220gsm)
Colour Scheme– Classic White and Gold
– Pastel Shades
– Vibrant Colours
Design Elements– Floral motifs
– Calligraphy text
– Foil accents
Typography– Elegant script fonts
– Serif or sans-serif combinations
– Emphasis on names and date
Printing Technique– Digital printing
– Letterpress
– Foil stamping
Envelope– Size: C6 (4.5″ x 6.25″) or custom
– Lined with patterned paper or foil
– Address printing available
Additional Features– Ribbon or twine ties
– Wax seals
– Laser-cut designs
Customisation– Couple’s names and monogram
– Custom colours and design tweaks
– Choice of wording and layout
– Laser-cut designs
– Couple’s names and monogram
– Custom colours and design tweaks
– Choice of wording and layout


Like wedding invitations, save-the-date cards also work as an early announcement of your wedding date. It is handy for destination weddings or peak travel seasons. The card will include the wedding date, place, and time and may even suggest peak and drop services for the invitees if the destination is away from the city.

For save-the-date cards, sturdy cardstock will be useful to showcase a premium feel. It ensures your save-the-dates arrive pristine to create a positive impression on your guests. Also, you may use engaging imagery that represents your wedding theme or destination. For example, if your wedding destination is Doxford Barns or Lillibrooke Manor and Barns, you can emboss their images on the card.

You may even incorporate yourfavourite couple photo as a personal touch and evoke excitement among invitees. Also, save-the-date cards vary in size. We recommend you choose a compact size for easy handling and mailing. A postcard-style format (A6 – 105 x 148 mm) is convenient and cost-effective for you.

RSVP Cards

RSVP cards stand for the French “répondezs’ilvousplaî”, or “Please Respond” in English. So, these cards are a valuable tool to simplify your guest response process. Also, it will help you finalise the guest numbers so you can preplan the wedding menu and their serving.

  • Pre-addressing and Stamping:You can include postage stamps on the return envelopes for pre-addressing the RSVP cards. It, thus, becomes effortless for guests to respond promptly without any cost.
  • Additional Options:You can include response options such as meal preferences or song requests into the RSVP card. It brings a personalised touch and collects essential information for planning.
  • Size:RSVP cards are typically smaller than the invitations. Print in London found that A7 (74 x 105 mm) or 4×6 inches are perfect to fit neatly into the return envelopes.

As you see, RSVP cards will be crucial in your dream wedding program. The better its design, the more memorable your event will be. Regarding this, Print in London offers you all sorts of customisation and fast delivery of RVP cards that you will love.

Wedding Programs

Wedding programs serve as handy guides for guests during the ceremony. Hence, your wedding programs ensure your guests get all the critical moments. It is crucial that your guests feel honoured and know what will happen afterwards.

Wedding programs are ideal for arranging a systematic and chaos-free wedding with everything sorted in order. The program card will include everything from the wedding time to the procession and serving of the drinks and food. As a result, you don’t have to instruct people, and everything will be in a delicate state for a cohesive and enjoyable wedding event.

For the wedding program card, you can choose from different formats. It includes:

  • Half-fold with four panels
  • Unfolded card with two panels
  • Z-fold with six panels
  • Fan with handle
  • Booklet (multi-page)

The key is to ensure easy handling and give all the required information so guests feel privileged. Also, you may choose a legible font size and style. It should be easy to read so everyone can follow the ceremony effortlessly.

For the material, like our wedding card or save-the-dates, we recommend you choose a slightly heavier cardstock than regular paper. It will ensure the durability of the program card.


The right menu is one of the crucial elements of a successful wedding event. So, everyone focuses on bringing the best wedding menus, including drinks and food, to entertain their guest. But have you ever thought about letting the guests know about the menu so they don’t weigh mindlessly on the table, waiting for the surprise?

Yes, personalisedwedding menus are genuinely a delight. It is also a nice way to elevate the dining experience of your wedding guests. Instead of a generic menu, you may createcustomisedmenus for each place setting. It will add a touch of exclusivity as guests can anticipate the culinary delights that await them.

You may design the menu card to match the theme of your wedding. Also, it can incorporate elements from your invitations and other print products, creating a cohesive aesthetic.

On top of it, DL, 120x180mm or A5 are the three common wedding menu card sizes. And for your ease and convenience, Print In London offers you the following ones:

  • 4″ x 8″ vertical format
  • Vivid, full-colour printing
  • Four paper stock options
  • Wide range of styles and designs

Also, we have unlimited pre-ready templates that you can customise quickly for your wedding menu cards. Also, the menu should list the courses that will be served during the reception. It can include a description of each dish, highlighting the ingredients and preparation methods.

Also, do you have specific cuisine or signature dishes? If so, feature them prominently with highlighted colour or bold text size. Additionally, you may also accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences with alternatives.

Table Numbers and Place Cards

Most people may have yet to hear about table numbers and place cards. Although they are less prevalent than wedding cards or menu cards, they still play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth flow of the wedding reception.

  • Place cards indicate each assigned seat or table number with directions for the guests.
  • Like table numbers, place cards reflect the overall wedding aesthetic too.
  • You can personalise the table number and cards with guests’ names to make them feel more dignified.
  • Lastly, you can use decorative elements to add charm. Handwritten place cards can be especially endearing for the table setting.

If you have a large number of guests and a larger wedding venue, table numbers are essential for better event organisation. It will help people locate their designated tables quickly without chaos or hassle.

Moreover, you can get creative with table numbers. You can choose designs that match your wedding theme. For example, if you have a beach-themed wedding, consider using seashells with table numbers written on them.

Seating Charts

Seating charts are almost identical to the table numbers and place cards. The difference is in their size. While the table cards are mostly smaller ones in A4 size, seating charts are larger. You will often display them at the entrance of the wedding venue.

Hence, they are essential for larger weddings where guests may need to be more familiar with each other.It helps the guests to navigate through the wedding venue and find their table effortlessly, an attempt that they will appreciate.

Moreover, a well-organised seating chart prevents confusion and chaos. It ensures that everyone finds their seats efficiently.

  • You may display the seating chart in a prominent location at the entrance to the reception area.
  • When designing the seating chart, choose a visually appealing layout that complements your wedding decor.
  • You can group guests by relationships or common interests. It will be helpful to facilitate conversations and create a comfortable atmosphere for them.
  • Consider a colour-coded system or thematic design. It will be suitable to make the seating arrangement accessible and enjoyable for the guests.

We understand that with so many table chart designs and options, it’s easy for you to get lost in it. So, we have ready and custom table charts to choose from for you. It will make your wedding printable plan fast and convenient. Print in London also ensures faster delivery to make your wedding event stand out with iconic printing elements.

Signage and Banners

Custom signage and banners are fantastic and mesmerising! These banners and signages add a personal and welcoming touch to your wedding venue.

You can place the welcome at the entrance to greet attendees as they arrive. It will instantly create a warm tone for the event. Also, it creates a long-lasting and joyful impression among the guests as they know how you value their presence.

You may also choose directional signs and place them strategically throughout the venue. It will guide the guests to different areas, such as the ceremony site, cocktail hour, and reception hall. So, the directional signs work combinedly with your table charts for a cohesive event.

Furthermore, you can use the signage to display meaningful quotes, love messages, or the couple’s names and wedding dates. The idea is to get creative with the design and play with fonts and colours to make it look dramatic. Signage serves a practical purpose and enhances the overall ambience and aesthetic of your celebration.

Thank You Cards

Guests have made time to attend your wedding and make it grand. So, why not thank them with a beautiful card and message? They will cherish it longer than you think.

Yes, “Thank You” cards are a heartfelt way to express gratitude to guests for participating in your special day. After the wedding, you can send personalised thank you cards to each attendee. You may mention their names with a message, acknowledging their presence and any gifts they may have given.

And for your help, Print in London brings affordable thank-you card designing and printing services. You will find them lucrative with attractive designs. Even if you don’t have time, you can choose from our design template and quotes for the thank-you cards.

As you send thank you cards after the wedding, it will show your genuine appreciation. You may even choose handwritten notes for a few special guests or if your wedding attendee number is small. It will add an extra touch of sincerity and warmth.

Photo Prints and Albums

Your wedding day may get over, but its memories will last forever. So, you should capture the moments and preserve the beautiful memories of your wedding day. And for it, both professional wedding photography and printing are essential.

Thus, you must choose professional photo prints and albums. You should hire a skilled photographer to capture all the special moments, from the ceremony to the reception. Once you have the photos in your hand, it’s time to print and preserve them in a beautiful and long-lasting album.

For an elegant touch, you can choose a beautifully crafted photo album to tell the story of your wedding day.

  • You should arrange the photos in chronological order. It will capture the essence of each moment.
  • High-quality photo prints and albums will become cherished keepsakes so you can relive the magical moments for years.
Album Size (inches)Number of PhotosOrientationCosting Range
8 x 820 – 50Square£50 – £150
10 x 1030 – 80Square£80 – £200
12 x 1240 – 100Square£100 – £250
8 x 1020 – 60Landscape£60 – £160
10 x 820 – 60Portrait£60 – £160
9 x 1230 – 80Portrait£70 – £180
11 x 1440 – 100Landscape£90 – £220
12 x 1850 – 120Landscape£110 – £280
14 x 1140 – 100Portrait£90 – £220
8 x 610 – 30Landscape£40 – £120


Printable products are crucial in the journey of your dream wedding. From enchanting wedding invitations to personalised thank-you cards, you can choose various printing products to make your wedding special and memorable.

And at Print in London, each print wedding product has its magical touch. You can, thus, embrace the elegance of foil-stamped finishes, the allure of handcrafted designs, and the joy of reliving memories through beautifully crafted printed items.

With Print in London as your reliable printing partner, the possibilities are endless for your dream wedding. We ensure that it becomes an unforgettable reality. So, let the enchanting world of print weave its charm, making your special day a cherished memory for a lifetime.

Wedding Print Products FAQs:

What types of wedding print products are essential for my wedding?

According to our experience in the wedding print product industry, essential wedding print products include invitations, RSVP cards, programs, menus, table numbers, thank you cards, and photo albums.

How far in advance should I order my wedding invitations?

We are committed to delivering you the wedding invitation cards in the shortest possible time with a quick turnaround. So, you can order invitations a few days before you want to send them. Ideally, you should order invitation cards 2 to 3 before the wedding date to ensure guests receive them timely and can plan their schedule.

What printing techniques are available for wedding invitations?

Print in London excels in printing wedding invitations, cards, and all wedding essentials with the latest technology. Our printing techniques include digital, letterpress, and foil stamping for various design and budget preferences to make your special day memorable.

Can I customize the design of my wedding invitations?

You can personalize designs to match your wedding’s style and theme. We have many templates ready for you to start with, and then you can customize them. Also, you may even suggest your printing ideas that we can incorporate too.

How can I incorporate my wedding theme into the design of the print products?

If you want to incorporate a wedding theme into the wedding printing products, use theme-related colors, fonts, and motifs in your design choices. For instance, we can make cards, menu prints, and table cards if your wedding is in medieval castles.

What information should I include in my save-the-date cards?

A save-the-date card is similar to a wedding invitation and should include all the details for the invitees. It must include your name, wedding date, location, additional details, and a brief message for save-the-date cards.

Should I include RSVP cards with my wedding invitations?

It’s advisable to include RSVP cards with self-addressed envelopes for guest convenience. The RSVP cards will make the guests feel more privileged and can also reach back to you without any extra costs.

How can I encourage guests to respond promptly to RSVP cards?

You can promptly set an RSVP deadline and offer multiple response options for quick replies. It will encourage the guests to respond to your RSVP cards so you can sort everything and plan the wedding day according to your guests’ responses.

What details should be included in wedding programs?

Wedding program cards are invaluable to make your day special. So, be careful to ensure that the wedding programs outline the ceremony order and list participants’ names and roles. So, everyone will know their roles and act accordingly on the date.

Can I personalize the menus for my wedding reception?

Of course, you can customize menus to showcase your reception’s culinary offerings and fit your theme. For instance, you can attach your favorite drinks and dish pictures if it is on the menu. Also, we can help you with the wedding day menu card customization.

How can I create unique and eye-catching table numbers and place cards?

Eye-catching table numbers will enhance the aesthetics and management of your wedding day. You can use theme elements, unique numbering styles, and creative designs for memorable table numbers and place cards.

Is it necessary to have a seating chart for my wedding?

A seating chart helps guests find their seats efficiently and is recommended for larger weddings. We suggest you include a seating chart so guests can become comfortable with their positions.

What type of signage and banners can I use to enhance the wedding venue?

Many signage and banners are available for directions and décor, aligning with your wedding style. You can choose from our templates and even customize them. It includes table numbers, welcome signs, tabletop cocktail signs, etc.

When should I send out thank you cards after the wedding?

To express gratitude, you should send thank you cards within 2-3 months after the wedding. However, the faster you send the cards, the better the impression will be. So, you can order the thank you card and wedding invitations to Print in London for timely delivery.

What should I include in my thank you cards?

Your thank you cards are a way to express gratitude. So, keep it simple but ensure heart-warming text. The thank you cards should thank guests, mention the gift received, and convey appreciation.

How can I select the best photos for printing and creating a wedding photo album?

For wedding albums, you can choose photos capturing key moments and emotions. It will create a meaningful album with exciting and cherished memories.

Are there different sizes or layouts available for wedding photo albums?

Wedding photo albums come in various sizes and layouts to suit your preferences. The most common photo album sizes for weddings are 8 x 8 inches to 14 x 11 inches. It is in a square format.

Can I choose the materials and finishes for my wedding photo prints?

Yes, we offer you to choose the printing material and finish options to match your desired style. We have luster paper, Vellum, Glassine, Card Board, etc. printing materials. Also, you may choose from matte, glossy, or other finish types.

Do you offer custom designs for wedding print products?

As your premium wedding print partner, we offer custom design services to tailor products to your vision. You can either choose from our templates or customize them as you wish.

How can I ensure that the print products match the overall aesthetic and style of my wedding?

You may coordinate design elements, colors, and fonts to align print products with your wedding’s style. Our expert wedding print material designers will help you with the theme selection and related works for a perfect wedding print product.