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What is Perfect Binding?

Perfect binding is a method of binding primarily used for paperback books.  It refers to the process of binding a book primarily with glue.  This method is used exclusively for paperback books and some periodicals or corporate reports.An alternate term for perfect binding is “glue binding.”

Process of Perfect Binding

When a book is perfect bound, glue is the primary tool used to complete the binding. It is important to know what is perfect binding and its process before you order your booklet online.The steps for perfect binding book are as follows:

  • All the printed pages of the book are collated, collected and held together with a vice or clamp.
  • The edge of the pages that will become the spine of the book are abraded, or made rough, with blades used exclusively for that purpose. Those rough edges prepare the spine for the next step
  • Thermal glue, or hot glue, is applied to the newly abraded edges that will become the spine.  It is easier for the glue to get between the pages of the book and make sure that they will have longevity as a bound book.
  • The thermal glue dries and then has another layer of hot glue applied down what is now the spine side of the book.  The cover of the book is then wrapped around the book block, scored and folded.
  • The pages of the book and the softcover are then trimmed to the final size of the book.  These dimensions are known as the “trim size.”
  • The flat spine created by perfect binding gives paperback books the unique ability to have the title of the book printed directly on the covered spine, and is therefore legible when on a book shelf without the use of a dust jacket.

Some of our other Binding services are Wire binding, Comb binding, Saddle stitch,


There are a few variations that can come up in the process of perfect binding.  They relate primarily to materials, but it is possible for the actual binding of the spine to be affected as well.  The variations are:

  • If the book is particularly thick or heavy, the pages of the paperback book (or periodical or corporate report) are first perfect bound and then sewn together as though in preparation for hardcover binding.  Then, hot glue is deposited on the spine side and a card stock cover is wrapped and folded around the book block.
  • The weight of the card stock, which reads as the thickness of the paperback cover to the book buyer, can vary. The card stock can be very thin, almost like a magazine cover, or very thick practically like stiff board.
  • The card stock used for the cover can be printed on either one side or two, depending on the design of the book.
  • Glossy or matte coatings can be applied on top of the printed cover to create different effects, according to the instructions of the book designer. To have this done properly, make sure you have the perfect perfect binding company.

Benefits of Perfect Binding

The benefits of perfect binding are significant for publishers as they affect the cost of binding which then affects the retail price of the book.  By simply using a softcover instead of a hardcover, the cost of materials for the book is greatly reduced as card stock is less expensive than board, the wrappings that go over the hardcover binding boards, and then the dust jacket that is needed to display the book’s cover art.  A softcover book is also much lighter than a hardcover book, which greatly reduces the cost of book shipping and distribution.  Finally, the medium of a softcover book allows the book designer more leeway to create imaginative covers than a hardcover does; a paperback book can have glossy or matte coatings, foil stamping, embossing, debossing and a host of other extra features that are prohibitively costly if attempted with a hardcover format. If you need perfect binding, we are the perfect binding service London.

Our Services

We at binding London will bind your documents in the right kind of binding suitable for your documents and do it within 24 hours. We have a courier service in London; your documents can be delivered to your address within the day. We will print and bind your books and documents right in front of you. You can bring them to us any time since we are open for long hours. We are near you so you will not have any trouble finding us. Just Google ‘binding services near me’ and we will be the ones you find.

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