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Spiral binding is also known as Wire binding London. One of the common dissertation binding process. Spiral binding London is very popular because of its quick process and cost effectiveness. The process of spiral binding is so quick that it can produce almost 200 binding per day, which allow us to provide thesis printing and binding same day or instant spiral binding in London. We use high quality strong metal wire which hold the pages strongly and create a professional looking well presentable academic or business presentation. We can do up to 150 pages wire binding. We offer from a single copy to any bulk order spiral binding service London. We are your one stop printing service is London for printing & spiral binding service London.

Wire Binding in London

Have you ever tried to study a book that does not fold? Or one that keeps turning the page frequently? That is why you need wire binding .Proud to be 24 hour spiral binding service east London.

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Wire binding also known as a twin or double loop is one of the most popular ways of bookbinding. This method is used for joining the pages and cover of a document.

The reason why most people use wire binding is that documents bound with wire can open wholly flat or fold round on itself. It is mostly used in portfolios, calendars, study notebooks and many more.

At Binding London, we offer excellent wire binding in London with personalized attention. We offer a wide selection of the most commonly used double loops wire binding supplies at affordable prices. Our professional team works hard to ensure that your documents have that sleek appearance and will fold or lay flat easily.

The wire binders we offer come in several appealing colours and different sizes. We can also bind together up to 150 sheets of paper but can do higher pages with Plastic comb binding London. Our professionals monitor and manage each project until it is completed. We have dedicated our services to ensure that our services are top-notch and meet our clients’ expectations.

Benefits Of Binding With Double Loops Wires

There are many benefits of binding using twin loops methods. They include;

  • Lays flat- one of the reasons why people love wire binding is because books bound by wire can lay flat or fold when opened. This makes it easier to take notes as the pages can turn back easily without tearing.
  • Tamper-Resistant- you may notice that books bound using coils tend to be removed and replaced efficiently using your hand. This may lead to some pages getting lost in case the bound comes out. To avoid this, one is advised to use twin loops wires. They require specialized equipment to bind and unbind, and this makes them tamper resistant.
  • Strong- Double loops wires are made of metal, and that’s why they are extra strong. A document bound at London Binding using the wire binds can last for years without being worn out.
  • Capacity- wire binding can secure at least up to 350 pages, 1.25 inches of paper depending on the client’s demand.

Our Services

With a solid background in is a field, spiral binding London offers professional and complete binding solutions. We are located in East London and have our couriers who make deliveries to our clients on time. We offer advice to our clients, and we are there at every stage of the project to ensure an innovative advantage.

Documents bound at London binding have that stylish premium look because we use the best rings to bind your work. Our rings and covers also come in different colours to ensure that each client gets what they want.

We serve our clients on the same day or within 24 hours of placing an order. The great thing about spiral binding London is that we also offer printing services. In case you have not yet printed out your work, we will do it for you. We are always here to serve you and offer 100% satisfaction on our spiral binding in London!

Portfolio Wire Binding

Wire binding is the best for portfolios.  It is versatile and allows one to update their collection regularly depending on your interview.

It also helps the portfolio lay flat which makes it easier for the interviewer to go through it. It is very annoying to review a portfolio that doesn’t lay flat or keeps on changing the pages.

Also, most people believe that wire binding looks more professional when compared to coil binding or other bindings. Visit London printing and get your portfolio bound using twin loop wires at a friendly cost.

Collection and Delivery

We are a London-based company who offer high-quality services in printing, binding, branding, marketing displays and many more. No project is too big for our background.

We are here to help you print hardcover books with wire branding, a large volume of a calendar and many more at very competitive prices. The best thing about working with London Binding is that we provide our services within 24hours. We also make deliveries to our clients after their documents are done.

We are only a call away, just dial our office number and talk to one of our customer support for wire binding services.