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Poster Mounting Service London:

Many individuals and even businesses prefer to have their posters mounted so that they could give the posters a beautiful look. Therefore for this, they utilize the services of the best and reliable poster mounting service. A poster mounting service can help you in mounting posters on foam board or other material so that the lifespan is increased. Moreover, the poster mount also helps to preserve your special poster. Mounting posters on foam board enhances the presentation of the posters as they can easily stand up. Not just this mounting posters on foam board also helps in grabbing the attention of the viewers.

Mounted Photo Prints:

Mounted photo prints or cheap photo mounts are the most popular process in the photo gallery industry because they give your photo a beautiful and clean look. In mounted photo prints the print is done on a lightweight and synthetic board and then aluminum runners are fitted in the board so that it can be easily hung with. Well, one thing you should make sure is that you provide the mounted photo printing firm with the biggest file you have because mounted photo printing only makes high-resolution and HD images look the best. 

Foam Mounting Board:

Foam core board or foam mounting board is strong but lightweight material that can be easily cut using a sharp craft knife or a picture framing mat cutter. As the name indicates a foam mounting board is a tool used for mounting prints, photographs, and also posters. You can also transform the foam mounting board into different shapes to use it for interior design and architectural models. Unlike a traditional A0 mount board or A4 mount board, the foam board is made of three different layers. The inner is made from either polystyrene or polyurethane which is covered by outer facing on each side of either a Kraft paper, cotton archival paper, or white clay coated paper.

Unlike the usual A0 mount board, a foam mounting board or foam core board is sturdy and less-malleable. Moreover, it features a solid core and is rigid as compared to other poster boards. The reason why it is used for poster or photo mounting is that it can lie flat without the support of anything, can stay straight when it is hung on the wall and is resistant bending. So if you want a hard poster board then foam boards are the best option than an A0 mount board

Unlike other poster boards, it is lightweight and a bit thicker. Moreover, the foam core present in the foam mounting board does not affect its weight. Since a foam mounting is lightweight you can easily move it, display it and store it. Moreover, its lightweight feature also makes it easy to print and cut. You can have the pictures or posters directly printed on them

Print Mounting:

Print mounting is the best and unique way of presenting your art and photography. Moreover, it is also a great and the best alternative to the conventional canvas finish. Mounted prints may use different kinds of material for mounting such as wood, foamex, Gatorboard, wood, foam board, and acrylic. Since every mounting material has its feature thus pairing it with professional handmade finishes makes print mounting more visually appealing.

What is a mounted print?

The mounted print is a print that is attached to the backing board. The purpose of a mounted print is to secure the photo and make it ready for hanging on the wall. Usually, the mounted prints are not framed but if you want to have it framed then you can do it too.

How to mount a poster?

You can hang the poster temporarily by using poster gum, double-sided tape, or tack. But to make the bedroom or the place where you have hung the poster look more attractive you will want to mount it before you hang it on the wall. Thus to mount a poster you will be needing a paintbrush, craft paper, ink roller, frame mounting hardware, ½ sheet of birch cut according to the dimensions of your poster, a container of Mod Podge, and a poster. Now to mount the poster you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, place the craft paper at your workspace to keep it clean and then apply some Mod Podge at the back of the poster. This will prevent the poster from bubbling up when you place it over the top of the plywood.
  2. Pour the Mod Podge on the face of plywood and evenly spread it.
  3. Place the poster in the surface of the plywood and slide it so that it comes in line with the edges of the poster.
  4. Smooth the poster using an ink roller and eliminate the bubble. If you don’t have an ink roller then you can use any roller available.
  5. Now cover the poster’s top with a large amount of Mod Podge and use your fingers to smooth the edges where paper bubbles up and hold the edges until the paper soaks the glue.
  6. After you are done with covering everything, pick up your and start making vertical strokes uniformly and leave everything to dry for about an hour.
  7. After all of the stuff is dried, grab some mounting hardware or route a keyhole in its back. You have now successfully mounted your poster.


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