Plastic comb binding London

Plastic comb binding or comb binding is one of the most popular way of binding for both academic and business project.using this process we can bind anything up to A3 size although the most standard is A4 binding on the Long or short edge.We provide both Printing and Binding service and great thing about is we can Print,Bind and deliver any job same day.If you require a transparent cover (See Through) on the front and and a hard card board on the back we can provide that as well.We can only bind your project if you have printed them already.


Why Use Us:

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  • Our Binding Combs are Recyclable and ECO friendly.
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  • No Minimum order.Can do single copy to any bulk amount
  • 100% Privacy guarantee for your project also work with NDA or Non disclosure agreement.
  • Overnight comb binding service London including Same day delivery.
  • Suitable for all kind of dissertation binding London
  • Reusable and easy to open and fix press.
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What is Plastic Comb Binding?

There are so many kind of binding service in the market and sometime anyone can confuse which one to use or which one would be more suitable for their project.So it is impotent to know what is plastic comb binding? Plastic comb binding is one of the more popular kinds of binding processes. It uses a rounded plastic spine which, if unrolled, would look like a comb. This spine is inserted in punched paper to bind it together.

Process of Plastic Comb Binding

To bind a document we punch even rectangular holes at the edge of your document and then insert the spine and bind it together. If your documents are big in size we also use a paper drill for the task, thus allowing the papers to be equally punched and put together in a fine plastic comb binding also known as GBC binding.

  1. Punch papers and covers
  2. Place covers on either side of documents and compile them with the punched edge on one side
  3. Open the plastic comb using a machine and equipment
  4. Close comb

Variety and Sizes:

Plastic comb binding is available in a variety of colours and diameters. This way many different colours can be used and a variety of materials can be combined in the same book. Clear or matching covers can be used, and these covers can be plastic, paper or cardboard hardcovers. It is an easy way to add a touch of colour and you can even match the binder combs to compliment your covers.

Standard plastic comb bindings are eleven inches long on the binding edge and have 19 holes. However, we can customize them for your particular project like legal size or A4.

Uses and Benefits:

Plastic cover binding allows the documents to be flexible at utmost level. It is most suitable for reports, school papers, past papers, records, financial records, etc. It provides the binding an ease so that the documents could be replaced if needed, by simply rebinding the book or screening on the spine to meet your specific needs. One of the benefits of plastic comb binding is that you can lay it flat on the table and also rotate it 360 degrees, since it allows the copy a turnaround fold. Your documents will be secured with our plastic comb binding while they show off their professional yet attractive look.

Plastic comb bindings can be used on up to 400 sheet documents. And the variety of comb binding sizes range from A6, A5, A4 and A3.

Our Services

We at binding London will bind your documents in the right kind of binding suitable for your documents and do it within 24 hours. We have a courier service in London; your documents can be delivered to your address within the day. We will print and bind your documents right in front of you. You can bring them to us any time since we are open for long hours. We are near you so you will not have any trouble finding us. Just Google ‘binding services near me’ and we will be the ones you find.

If you have soft copies of your documents, bring them to us and we will print them for you. We will do your photocopies and coloured prints as well as black and white prints at very affordable rates. We offer printing and binding services in London. If you want your documents to get a plastic comb binding, bring them to us and we will bind them for you. The whole process will be done right in front of you.

And if you are not sure what kind of binding is suitable for your documents, just bring them to us. Our team of binders UK will help you decide the most suitable binding procedure for your documents.

We offer many services including, flyer printing, document printing, portfolio binding and printing, business card printing, screw post binding and much more. If you need any of these services you may come to us any time feasible for you.