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We offer same day clear acetate printing and delivery anywhere in London. Our acetate are great for Screen printing film , art project or any kind of transparent cover printing. We can offer any size acetate printing London with high quality printer.


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What is Clear Acetate?

Acetate or Clear acetate is a kind of transparent sheet of plastic that are usually made from cotton fibres, wood pulp, or cellulose di-acetate. The chemical composition of this material involves mainly two components- acetylating cellulose and acetic anhydride. Thus it creates a super plastic that can be molded or processed in multiple ways without breaking. 

Due to its overall strength, clarity, and flexibility, this multipurpose, versatile material is used in a number of applications including printing services. This material is available in various thicknesses and sizes and you can use these sheets of plastic for different printing needs.

What Can You Use Clear Acetate for?

Since clear acetate is a multipurpose plastic material, it can be used for a good number of applications including art and craft, graphic arts, food contact, optical clarity, packaging, stationary, fashion, decoration, printing, and protection. When it comes to printing, the transparent and smooth surface of the acetate plastic makes it suitable for printing precise text and sharp images. Due to its flexibility and lightweight nature, it can be easily shaped and cut according to your need. That’s why you can use it for multiple printing needs including offset printing, screen printing, digital printing etc.

Why You Need Clear Acetate?

If you own a business and you need some durable material for product packaging and display, you will need clear acetate for that purpose. Since it’s transparent, it’s much easier to display your products with proper protection.

If you want some protective cover for your art work, this material is an ideal option in that regard. You can create overlays, stencils, clear pages, pockets, and embellishments with the help of this dynamic plastic.

Even in terms of publishing, you can use it as a decorative or protective cover for your reports or books. These plastics sheets are also used in eyewear and fashion industries. You can use them to make eyewear frames, jewelry, clear bags, etc.   

Not just that, acetate plastics can be also used as teaching aids and office supplies in the form of transparent films, binder dividers, report covers, etc.

Even engineers use these sheets for making project models or clear prototypes. So, the uses of acetate plastic material are numerous. Now you know why you might need them!

Our Clear Acetate Size and Quality

As you know clear acetate comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, you can pick any of them according to your need. In Print in London, we provide almost all kinds of acetate sizes you might look for including cast acetate (20 in x 50 in sheets and 40 in x 100 in rolls), extruded acetate (22 in x 51 in sheets and rolls), A4 acetate (210 mm x 297 mm), and Overlay acetate (25 in x 40 in) etc. When it comes to quality, we always provide the best for our customer satisfaction.

What is Included

Our service includes printable clear acetate plastic papers and high quality printing. So, if you want to print anything on clear acetate, we are here to fulfill your printing needs at any given moment.

Clear Acetate Design

If you need any kind of assistance for designing on your clear acetate, our in house design team is there to help you out. Our designing team can design professional looking, aesthetic, requirement-based specific designs according to your demand. Let us know your designing requirements and we will provide exactly what you need.