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Essential Print Products to Enhance Your Restaurant’s Branding and Operations

In today’s cutthroat restaurant industry, it is vital to establish a distinctive brand identity. And if you want to establish your restaurant as a recognizable brand, you must focus on its logo, menu card, flyers, employers’ uniform, etc.

The most impactful ways to achieve this is to use essential printing products for restaurants. These printed materials are powerful tools to enhance your branding, connect with customers on a deeper level, and optimize your overall operations.

And as your premium printing partner, we will discuss the essential restaurant printing products to build your restaurant’s image. Our discussion will help you create an indelible mark on your patrons and ensure a dining experience worthy of an A+.

Whether you are a small or big restaurant, the right print products can go a long way to establishing your brand. Also, it will attract more customers with an eye-catchy menu, table cards, logo and whatnot!

Logo Design

The logo of your restaurant is the first thing people will notice. Whether you run offline or online promos, the logo attracts customers first. Also, it is the visual representation of your restaurant carrying its essence, values, and mission.

Hence, the logo must be harmonious with aesthetics and meaning. Plus, it must be instantly recognizable and etched into the minds of your customers. Just think about KFC or Domino’s and how their logo helps them be recognizable among thousands.

  • Consider working with a professional graphic designer to translate your restaurant’s identity into an iconic logo.
  • The logo colour and text must resonate with your target audience.
  • It should seamlessly complement your restaurant’s theme and interior decor
  • The logo should be simple and eye-catchy without too many colours and text so people can remember it easily.

Menu Design

A beautifully designed menu is more than just a list of dishes; it is an invitation to explore a culinary journey at your restaurant. Hence, you need to organize the menu thoughtfully. You may use clear headings and categorize them to facilitate easy navigation.

Always remember that high-quality images of your signature dishes will stimulate appetite. So, it encourages patrons to try new offerings. Therefore, you need to craft compelling and vivid descriptions of your dishes that showcase the uniqueness and flavours of each dish. Lastly, engaging language and storytelling will make your menu items enticing and memorable. It will lead to a fine-dining experience for the guests.

You may choose from different menu card types depending on your preference and the number of dishes. It includes:

Classic Single-Page Menu:

  • Traditional and straightforward design and it is best for casual dining settings.
  • Lists all menu items, categorized by sections such as appetizers, mains, desserts, etc.

Multi-Page Booklet Menu:

  • It is ideal if you have too many dishes and beverages.
  • Ideal for fine-dining establishments or restaurants with extensive offerings.

Digital Menu (Tablet or QR Code):

  • Modern and eco-friendly approach; restaurant uses tablets to display the menu 
  • Guests and patrons can access it through QR codes.
  • It is easy to update, customize, and include interactive elements.

Prix Fixe Menu:

  • Features a fixed selection of courses at a set price.
  • Commonly used for special occasions or events.

Beverage Menu:

  • Focuses solely on drinks and non-alcoholic options.
  • You can present it separately from the food menu.

Specials Board:

  • Not a physical card but a chalkboard, whiteboard, or digital display
  • You can use it to showcase daily specials and limited-time offers.
  • Adds a sense of excitement and freshness to the menu.

Table Tents

Table tents add both aesthetics and functionality to your restaurant setup. When you place the table tents strategically,they become a subtle yet powerful tool to draw your customers’ attention. So, you can use the table tents to feature special menus, promotions, or upcoming events.

The key is to keep the messaging concise, eye-catching, and relevant to the dining experience.You can utilize high-quality images and persuasive language that tantalizes taste buds and evokes curiosity. For example, we present you with a standard table tent with the following options:

  • 5″ x 7″ size and 14pt hard-paper stock material
  • Glossy & matte finishes are available
  • It has full-colour printing on both sides
  • Customizable designs, including QR code options

You should, however, avoid cluttering tables. Instead, you must use them sparingly for maximum impact. Finally, it is crucial to regularly update table tents to reflect seasonal changes or new offerings in your restaurant. It keeps the content fresh and encourages repeat visits.

Business Cards

Although most people won’t know, networking is integral to the restaurant industry. Regarding this, business cards are vital for meaningful connections. A well-designed business card will evoke customers’ interest in your restaurant more.

However, it should capture the essence of your restaurant’s brand. Plus, it must provide all the needed contact information. So, you shouldn’t only include the restaurant’s name and address, phone numbers, email addresses, and social media handles. It will become convenient for partners and customers to reach out and stay connected.

  • Size: Standard business cards are typically 3.5X2 inches. It will fit easily into wallets and cardholders.
  • Thickness: You should choose thicker cards (16pt to 18pt) as they feel more substantial and high-quality. It will leave a stronger impression.
  • Material: Always choose high-quality paper stock such as matte, gloss, or textured to enhance the card’s perceived value.
  • Finish: Options like matte, gloss, or soft-touch lamination are preferable. They ensure a premium look and will protect the card from wear and tear.

Flyers and Brochures

Flyers and brochures act as powerful marketing tools for your restaurant. You can use the flyers and brochures to promote special offers, catering services, private events, and more.

Nonetheless, the flyers and brochures must align with the restaurant’s branding and messaging. You can use persuasive and engaging content to trigger customers to take action. It may include options for making reservations or placing orders. Moreover, high-resolution images of delectable dishes will entice the customers and ignite their curiosity to try your culinary creations.

  • Restaurants may have menu flyers, event flyers, discount flyers, or catering service flyers.
  • The design should align and use high-quality images of the dishes or services.
  • You need to choose easy-to-read fonts that complement the brand’s style. Also, ensure the text is legible and well-organized.
  • You can choose coatings like UV or aqueous coating. It will add durability and make the flyers and brochures stand out with a glossy or satin finish.
  • We recommend you choose standard options like 8.5 x 11 inches or 5.5 x 8.5 inches for flyers. On the other hand, brochures often come in a tri-fold format (8.5 x 11 inches folded into thirds).

Loyalty Cards

You must build strong customer relationships if you wish to run your restaurant for a long time. A Harvard Business Review study found that you can boost your sales by 95% more with just a 5% increase in the loyalty program.

And one way of building customer loyalty is the loyalty cards. Hence, you must consider implementing a loyalty program with printed loyalty cards.

It will surely strengthen the bond between your restaurant and its patrons. You can offer tangible rewards, such as discounts or free items. As customers can redeem these discounts and offers once they reach certain milestones or accumulate points, they will keep visiting your restaurant.

You may opt for custom-designed loyalty cards with restaurant logos and brand elements. It will encourage repeat visits and be a constant reminder of customers’ positive experiences at your establishment. So, it will experience the patrons to visit your restaurant more and more and even with new guests.

For the best results, you can include the following options in your loyalty card:

  • Item-based rewards
  • Subscription rewards
  • Points-based rewards
  • Promotional rewards
  • Online rewards

Takeout Menus and Packaging

Forbes reported that restaurant takeout service has doubled since COVID-19, and 86% of customers order home delivery or takeout once a month at least. So, as a resultant owner, you must cope with the rising demand for takeout and delivery services.

Hence, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience beyond the dining room is essential. And so, you must arrange the takeout menu and package with the most details and a premium feel so customers feel special and valued.

You have to choose well-designed takeout menus and branded packaging. It will elevate the real takeout experience for your customers.

Consider creating a separate takeout menu focusing on dishes that travel well. Also, it will help you communicate with the customers for any special instructions to ensure further convenience.

Next, you must focus on branded packaging, such as paper bags or boxes adorned with logos. It will reinforce the restaurant’s identity and turn every takeout order into a branded experience, further building customer loyalty. Hence, for the takeout packaging, ensure the box feels premium and lasts long enough to reach the delivery point.

At Print in London, we will design packaging for takeout with card-stock material so that it enjoys better durability. Also, it will create a positive impact on customers.

Reservation Cards

Reservation plays a significant role in increasing the overall sales of your restaurant. Many people will depend on the reservations before visiting your place, so a proper reservation card is crucial. You need to streamline the reservation process.

It is essential to offer patrons a smooth and enjoyable dining experience. You have high-quality and professionally designed reservation cards that are hassle-free for customers to book tables in advance.

Hence, it should include relevant information, such as contact details, reservation policies, and a warm message welcoming them to your restaurant. Although it is a simple restaurant print product, it can create a positive first impression. Also, it will set the tone for a memorable dining experience.

Signage and Banners

It is crucial to grab customers’ attention in the competitive restaurant landscape. Thankfully, well-designed signage and banners are effective advertising tools for such options. It will drawpeople in and increase visibility.

You must consider the location and position of your signage to maximize its impact. You may choose different types of signage and banner for this purpose:

  • Outdoor signs should be clear, legible, and aligned restaurant’s theme.
  • A-frames near walkways or outdoor seating can display daily specials or tempting offers. It will entice passersby to step in and explore your offerings.
  • You can place promotional banners strategically within the restaurant to draw attention to upcoming events.
  • You may use the outdoor signs or A-frames as directions for your restaurants so customers can find them quickly.

Gift Certificates and Vouchers

You may also use gift certificates and vouchers to remind your customers about your result. They will be valuable marketing tools for your restaurant. The vouchers can foster customer loyalty and attract new patrons through word-of-mouth recommendations.

When designing the restaurant print products, ensure they are visually appealing. Also, you may offer different denominations and packaging options to suit various occasions and gifting preferences. The vouchers and gift certificates must be made of premium material to evoke interest among your loyal customers.

Feedback Cards and Surveys

Feedback cards and survey papers may be small, but they are essential for restaurants’ continuous improvement. Printed feedback cards and surveys allow you to collect valuable insights directly from customers to improve menus and overall dining experience.

You must keep the questions concise and focus on aspects that matter most to your restaurant’s growth and improvement. Also, you can offer incentives, such as discounts or free desserts, to encourage customers to participate.

  • These survey cars should be easy to read without too much colour and texts
  • Keep them short and meaningful so customers don’t find them boring
  • Choose materials that are easy to write on so that customers find it convenient

Employee Uniforms and Merchandise

One of the best methods to extend your restaurant’s branding is to use a unique staff uniform. As you have printed employee uniforms and branded merchandise, your restaurant will become easily recognizable to customers.

You may choose custom designed t-shirts, aprons, hats, or bags to create a unified and professional look for the restaurant. Also, these will serve as walking advertisements. As you choose the uniforms and caps, always align the merchandise with the restaurant’s theme. It should also include your logo and brand colours.

When employees wear these branded items with pride, they reinforce the sense of belonging. So, it evokes dedication to your restaurant’s mission. It will positively impact customers’ perceptions.

  • The chef aprons must have adjustable neck straps and waist ties. It will ensure a comfortable and customizable fit for staff members.
  • You need to choose durable and stain-resistant fabrics like cotton, polyester blends, or denim to withstand the demands of a restaurant environment.
  • Consider aprons with water-repellent or oil-resistant coatings to protect against spills and splatters.
  • Moreover, opt for breathable and lightweight materials like cotton or cotton-blend fabrics to ensure comfort during long shifts.
  • Moisture-wicking properties can help keep staff cool and dry in a busy kitchen environment.
  • You may offer a range of merchandise items, such as mugs, reusable water bottles, tote bags, or aprons, to cater to customer preferences.
  • You could use eco-friendly materials or sustainable options for merchandise items. It will match the restaurant’s values and attract environmentally conscious customers.


The right and essential restaurant print products are ideal for the branding and operations of your restaurant. It will help you create a cohesive and captivating dining experience for your customers.

You may choose from a well-designed logo that encapsulates your restaurant’s identity to strategically placed table tents and persuasive flyers. Hence, each print product is pivotal in enhancing your restaurant’s image among patrons.

And as your premium printing partner, Print in London is always ready to help you with professional restaurant logo design, printed uniforms, brochures, menu cards and whatever you want.

Restaurant Print Products FAQs:

Why are print products important for my restaurant’s branding?

Beautiful and functional print products build brand identity and convey your restaurant’s image to customers. Print products such as menu cards, greeting cards, and signage will improve your customer relationship.

How can I create a visually appealing menu that reflects my restaurant’s cuisine?

You can craft visually appealing menus with enticing visuals that reflect your unique cuisine offerings. For instance, if your restaurant serves English, French, or Indian dishes, you can add their iconic images to the menu cards.

What information should I include on my restaurant’s business cards?

Restaurant business cards should feature your restaurant’s name, contact information, and logo. Also, it should include a nice greeting message to allure the customers.

How can table tents help promote specials and events at my restaurant?

With the table tents, you can effectively promote specials and events on dining tables for increased visibility. However, be careful to place the table tents engagingly without creating visual disturbance for the guests.

What are the benefits of using flyers and brochures to promote my restaurant?

Flyers and brochures inform customers about your offerings, making them effective marketing tools. New restaurants should allow people to know about them. Also, it is beneficial for seasonal offers.

How can loyalty cards benefit my restaurant, and how should they be designed?

Loyalty cards build customer loyalty when designed with your branding and rewarding incentives. Also, it reminds customers about your restaurant and encourages them to visit and order from the restaurant.

What are the key elements to consider when designing takeout menus and packaging?

Consider menu selection and clear contact details for takeout menus and packaging. You should keep the different menus with proper segmentation so customers can find them with ease.

How can reservation cards assist in managing table bookings efficiently?

Reservation cards are crucial for restaurants to keep customers coming in rush hours. So, reservation cards must streamline table bookings, making them an efficient management tool. It allows the clients to book their schedule beforehand.

What signage and banners should I consider for my restaurant’s visibility?

You can use outdoor signs and banners to enhance restaurant visibility and attract customers. Also, the signage may be just on the main road to show easy directions to your restaurant.

How can gift certificates and vouchers help boost customer loyalty and sales?

Gift certificates and vouchers incentivize repeat business and increase sales. As you provide gift certificates and vouchers, it will remind customers to visit your restaurant.

What is the purpose of feedback cards and surveys for my restaurant?

Feedback cards and surveys allow you to collect customer opinions for improvement and better service. So, you can know which menu they like and what to improve, and also build relations with the clients as they feel important through surveys.

Can I customize employee uniforms and merchandise with my restaurant’s branding?

Yes, you should customize uniforms and merchandise with your restaurant branding. It ensures a cohesive look, enhances aesthetics, and boosts your brand image for the restaurant.

How can print products create a cohesive brand identity for my restaurant?

Print products unify branding with consistent logos, colors, and fonts. You build a long-lasting relationship with the customers by choosing premium menu cards, signage, banners, and loyalty cards.

What printing techniques are recommended for achieving high-quality print products?

We recommend you choose high-quality printing techniques for restaurant print products. It may include digital, offset, and UV printing.

How far in advance should I plan my print product orders to meet deadlines?

Plan print product orders 5 to 7 days ahead to ensure timely delivery. Nonetheless, print in London offers 24-hour delivery options for emergencies, such as promotions and seasonal offers.

Can I include promotional offers or discounts on my restaurant’s print products?

Consider including promotions or discounts to attract customers to print products. It will encourage customers to visit your restaurant more. For instance, during happy hours, your sales will boost by 60.5 percent to your average weekly sales.

What materials and finishes are best suited for durable and professional print products?

You should choose durable materials and professional finishes for a polished and long-lasting look for restaurant print products. The papers may include card stocks. Laminated ones and waterproof printing papers.

Should I hire a professional designer to create my restaurant’s print products?

You can hire a professional designer to ensure polished and effective designs for restaurant print items. Also, at Print in London, our expert designers are ready to make your print products eye-catching, long-lasting, and impressive.

Can print products be used to enhance my restaurant’s environmental sustainability efforts?

You can opt for eco-friendly materials and printing processes to align with sustainability goals. We have printing papers made from recycled and reused items for a sustainable printing service.

How can I align my restaurant’s print products with the overall marketing strategy?

You can coordinate print products with your marketing strategy for a cohesive and effective approach. Our experts will sort the print product design once they see your marketing strategy and customer target.