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We offer same day Boxing Round Cards printing and delivery anywhere in London. Our Personalised boxing round cards are ideal for big tournaments and even amateur events on Saturday and Sunday nights using your own brand and logo. We can offer any size Boxing Round Cards printing London with high quality card or foam board.


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What is a Boxing Round Card?

A boxing round card is nothing but the placard we see with the round number in it during the boxing matches. Referees hold it to show the on-going round number so the audience knows it.  

Boxing Round cards are mainly printed on Foam Board or 350gsm A3 Cards

The boxing round card also displays the crucial information for both the audience and referees. It includes the boxers’ names and fight details. It could be weight class and number of rounds. And most importantly, the boxing round card shows the current round number.

The Uses of a Boxing Round Card:

The boxing round card has many uses apart from showing the round number of the match. During the boxing match, fighters are mostly focused on the bout. Similarly, judges, referees and audience are engaged with the fighting outcome.

For all of them, the round placard shows the present round of the match and prepare for the next ones. It improves clarity for the officials who count the score and related information. 

When the round card shows the numbers, it suggests that the match moments are ticking by gradually. It develops tension and excitement among the audience as the match closes in to reach the climax. 

Besides, boxing, you will see the similar cards in football, volleyball and handball. In these sports, the round card is used to show the jersey number of the substitute players. It grabs the attention of the audience as they know which player entered the field and who left it.

On top of it, boxing round cards include the name of the fighters and the logos of the event organizers. In many cases, it even features the name and logo of the sponsors. Thus, boxing round card becomes a valuable promotional space.

Many fans buy the signed round cards from the winners after the match. It becomes a cherished memory for the fans, particularly for big matches.

Why Do You Need Boxing Round Card Printing in London?

London with its love for sports, often arranges many sports events, including boxing matches, football matches, etc.  Professional boxing round card printing London will help you design, print and organize the cards for a beautiful and memorable boxing match. 

Print in London ensures high-quality printed round cards. It adds classy and polished touch to your event. Our perfectly designed and printed boxing cards will create good impression on fighters, spectators, and sponsors.

We always offer clear and well-designed round cards to you. It ensures that everyone feels the similar excitement during the match day. 

Our Boxing Round Card Size and Quality:

The round cards are available in 10″ and 12″ bold numbers for easy showcasing of the bout. It is made from waterproof corrugated plastic that lasts for years. Also, with extra-large size, even the audience from the last corner can see it clearly.

The corners are rounded with a professional finish. It reduces the chance of cuts as referees hold the card. So, you will enjoy the premium finish and look of the boxing round card at Print in London.

What is Included?

From pre-design to customised ones, Print in London offers remarkable boxing round card printing service in London. You can choose from 3-round bouts and 12-round bouts options. Also it comes in 17.5” x 23.5” size but you can customise it too.

Boxing Round Card Design:

For quick customisation, we have more than 250+ boxing round card templates. You can work with them to personalise the colour, text, fonts, etc. Or, we allow you to work with our printing designers to personalize the round cards. It could include event logo, fighter names, and any other relevant information.

Boxing Round Card Printing Near Me:

With the internet, you can find our boxing round card printing in London quickly and order online. We will deliver you the perfect boxing round cards within 12 to 24 hours of order submission. Even if you are in hurry, we have emergency printing services to meet your requirements.

Our printed boxing round cards are ideal for big tournaments and even amateur events on Saturday and Sunday nights.