Digital Marketing Manager


I am Tanzim Abir, Digital marketing manager at Print In London. I was given the responsibility for managing the online sector of the Print in London. My task range covers SEO, Email Marketing, Managing GMB, Content Creation and web development. I am producing original content and working on the development and implementation of new tools and techniques for the company. Besides, I help people to learn Digital Marketing.


  • Giving planning and buying advice to colleagues.
  • Using the Ahrefs tool effectively to improve SEO.
  • Ensuring that online activity is in line with Google guidelines.
  • Building meaningful relationships with third parties.
  • Using quality content and technical optimisation to drive SEO.
  • Using analytical tools to draw conclusions from statistics.
  • Constantly looking at ways to improve performance and increase revenue.
  • Keeping an eye on any emerging technologies



  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Technical Optimization
  • Brand Development
  • Expertise on Ahref
  • Quality Designing
  • Content Strategy


You can find me on - /