How to Sell Ticket for Charity Shows and Collect More Donations?

Sell Ticket for Charity ShowsPrinting is a fun and amazing exercise and one of the best ways to ensure that organizations have what they are looking for in terms of promotional tools and creativity. When you have a show, the first thing is to make sure that you have effectively advertised it to the right audience and are able to gain their attention. You need to use the best printing designs for your posters and advertisements to ensure that you attract as many people as possible to the event.

Gathering people for anything at all is quite difficult; and it is much more difficult to gather people to donate to a charity course. You must convince them to join the charity before they can buy the tickets. The best way around it is by ensuring that you have greatly designed tickets that are not only eye-catching but emotionally captivating as well.

Learn your target audience:

You must learn your target audience and understand various engaging ways through which you can reach them and convince them to buy tickets for your charity shows.  You can try and reach your physical audience by printing tickets that capture the best moments in life and creatively using words to lure your target buyers to purchase the tickets to the charity shows. It has been said that a photo speaks a thousand words; very true. Ticket printing requires you to get the perfect photo that sends the right message to potential donors. A combination of the right photo and the perfect matching message will warm it way right into the donors’ pockets and help you sell tickets while collecting even more donations.

People love a sad story and sometimes the sadder it is the better. It will break their hearts more creating a need for them to come to the rescue. Ticket printing for charity events can be quite tricky because in most cases you are trying to tell a sad story to get people to empathise and want to help. You have to chose your ticket print design and words very carefully to ensure that you are not offensive but inspirational; the line between the two can get very thin and once you cross over to the other side, you might as well forget making any sales on your tickets.

Use some great slogans:

You can also use some great slogans in the ticket such as “sharing is caring” further influence the perception of any potential ticket buyers and create the best chance for them to buy the ticket. The money you gain from these tickets are likely to be going directly into the donation’s account, so it is important that you gain as many ticket purchases as possible. During the ticket printing you must ensure to mention all the important information including the venue, event schedule, email and live-chat customer care, promo codes, transparent pricing, and performance reporting, among other things. You can consult with a ticket printing company or professional to gain more insights into the ticket printing industry and know how to add value into the event.

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13 Reasons Why Poster Is Still The Most Effective Way To Promote Anything


Good marketing is one of the most important aspects necessary for a successful business or product. Marketing is essential in almost everything you do. Selling your product is an art and poster is a masterpiece. A poster has been an effective medium of advertising for ages and is still in vogue. Here are 13 reasons why a poster is still an effective way to promote anything:

1. Posters are a profitable way of marketing

Posters are arguably the most cost-effective method of marketing. They enable you to reach out to the public in an exponentially cheap way than the mediums like radio, television, newspaper, and social media marketing. You can save a lot of money on marketing by utilising the power of powers. You can also invest the way money saved on marketing for other tasks.

2. You can promote your product 24*7

There is no limit of time when it comes to marketing by posters. When you stick a poster somewhere, every person passing by the place is bound to notice it. Since the poster is going to be there 24*7, anyone can notice it anytime without even you having to pay extra for the timeless service.

3. It is easy to change and update posters

As posters are easy to print and design, they are easy to replace too. If you notice a minor mistake in the data given on a poster, you can very conveniently replace them with corrected ones. Also, if you have to add new information to an already existing, you can do it with no additional efforts.

4. Posters are a reliable medium

A poster is a traditional method of marketing and has stood the tests of time and technology. It is observed that people are more likely to trust the information they get from posters as they are accessible and displayed in public places. They are so convenient that both literate and semi-literate people find them resourceful

5. You can reach a wide range of audience through posters

There are many places you can use for poster campaigns. The crowd at these places comprises of people from every working class and age groups. This helps in advertising your product to every kind of possible customer. A poster has possibly one of the most extensive range of audience.
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6. Posters have a good impact on public

People tend to remember what they read on posters. They are said to have a deep impact on a huge number of people. Posters are very useful for spreading the message for a social cause and depending on the visual effects added to it, the impacts can be long-lasting.

7. Posters have a versatile usage

You can use design a poster with an endless selection of fonts, graphics, designs, and words. Unlike other mediums of advertisement, a poster can be designed according to the location of the campaign cost-effectively.

8. You can use posters anywhere

There is no limit on places where you can use a poster for your advertising campaign. Shopping malls, high-end restaurants, local eateries, local shops, offices, colleges, and parking lots make up for the best places to reach a mass audience through the medium of a poster.

9. Posters work wonders in situations like heavy traffic

A person stuck in heavy traffic is the most attentive audience you get for any form of advertisement. Besides, having posters set up in places where heavy traffic occurs is a great way to grab the attention of many people at once.

10. Posters are a good way of advertising in trade shows and exhibitions

At trades and exhibitions, you can target a concentrated customer group and achieve a lot of conversion rate through proper marketing by posters. Trade shows and exhibitions can also help you in advertising for potential investors.

11. Posters can be used on mobile mediums

With proper processes, you can also use posters on trains, buses, and cabs. This is also a good way of reaching out to a lot of people who are commuting from one place to another.

12. Posters have a long-lasting impact

There is a high possibility that a person might come across the same poster for more than once. The message posted by a poster can be etched into the memory of a person if he/she reads it frequently. 

13. Posters are flexible in terms of shape and size

You can alter the shape and size of a poster according to the place it is being used in. Huge-size posters are perfect for roadside advertisements, whereas compact-size posters are good for shops and restaurants. Also, posters can be printed in any shapes.

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5 Things You Can Do In East London (UK)

The East End is the perfect blend of old and new. On one hand it boasts a flower market that is over a century old, and on the other hand it offers a platform for today’s artistic types to show their work; and the option of diving into an array of night clubs and pop ups for the urban youth. Let’s explore what else East London has to offer:

Explore history

Olympic Park in east London

The Tower of London is a good place to start if you want an experience that takes you through time. Alternatively, take a casual stroll over to Olympic Park to relive the glory days of recent times. For theater lovers, The Yard is a good choice, and film lovers can visit Genesis cinema over on Mile End Road or Our Print Shop in Mile End LoL ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘



Take a walk

Wilton’s Music Hall

If the weather’s good, a walk at Lee Valley is lovely. There’s a countryside park just next to Clapton that offers a variety of Easter activities for the whole family. Take a tour of the Wilton’s Music Hall and learn about its fascinating history (including its evolution from a sailor’s pub to a music hall). The Barbican conservatory is also worth a visit.


Find a place to eat

The F Cooke restaurant (located on Broadway Market) has been operating since 1900 and it offers classic London cuisine including pie, mash pops, and eel. For the more contemporary diner, a little further on Shoreditch you will find Dinerama, where they serve all sorts of street food and cocktails late into the night.



Visit a museum

Victoria and Albert Museum or V&A Museum

For a family trip, the V&A Museum is a good place to start. It’s one of the most celebrated museums in London and you will find plenty of activity for everyone. If, however, you don’t fancy great museums, the Rich Mix creative center at High Street has a number of exhibitions that you might like. You will get to see amazing pieces from new artists.



Visit the Olympic Park for sporting activities

The London Olympics left the city with great sporting venues and attractions including waterways, playgrounds, and a host of sporting facilities. Visit the velodrome for track cycling, or take up a driving course over at the Tom Daley Driving Academy.

Top 3 University in London for International student or if you want to study in London

On this date, it is almost an obvious dream that every aspiring student cares to paint while trying to put his academic life on a high with some well desired studies and courses. The selection of a perfect platform to knit these demanding dreams now seems authentically reachable after the top colleges in London have come up to offer worth countable study materials that covers all the expectations of any student. The queue in the passport and visa authorizing offices seem to reach the break-even point as these dedicated pupils as well as their concerned parents and guardians crowd the hall where the said services are provided. It is not uncommon observation to depict that students are growing with moral boosting confidence to study abroad and for the same they especially care to do MBA in UK. The environment and the study materials offered in the colleges and university of the United Kingdom are quite excellent as well as knowledge embedded. In this article we shall be looking at top three London based university

University School London (UCL)

University School London (UCL)

UCL preserves its number on position in UK and as the 7th best university on the globe this season, building on an impressive performance of the previous year or two. The university is incredibly favored by international students, who take into account greater than 40% of its learner body. A multidisciplinary institution, it includes a broad spectral range of content.

Its faculties and coaching hospitals are found in the center of central London, near the British Collection as well as a cluster of other leading London colleges – SOAS as well as Birkbeck are both close neighbors.Primary Gower Neighborhood campus is also simply a brief walk from the get together atmosphere and the shopping area devoted to Oxford Circus.

Imperial School London

Imperial School London - Print in London Blog

Imperial University London is the 8th on earth in 2017, up one put on the previous season. This research and technology-focused establishment is known because of its leadership in anatomist as well asnatural sciences, and as getting a prestigious business university and also one of the UK’s major medical faculties. Just like the truth with UCL, Imperial School London has a solid global appeal, mirrored in high international student volumes (around 50 percent of the pupil body). The university main campus is within South Kensington, not definitely not the town centre. Students will see themselves near the huge inexperienced space of Hyde Area, the monumental Royal Albert Hall, luxury superstore Harrods, and many of the city’s biggest museums.

King’s University London

Kings collage London - Print in London BlogKing’s College or university London is the most significant and oldest schools of the college, and it is positioned joint 23rd on earth this season. Again, this thorough research-led university or college is a favorite choice for international students, who consist of 30% of the learner body, while postgraduates constitute practically 40% of its 29,600 enrolments.

It has an especially good reputation for training in the humanities, legislation as well as the sciences, including health sciences. Proclaiming to be “the most central school in London”, King’s University London as said to have five London campuses, four which are quite close along by the River Thames, close to iconic landmarks like Tower Bridge, the London Attention and Big Ben.


Education is still the key to success. Higher learning does come with a price tag. However, it is something that many parents and students are very much willing to spend on. Top universities in the UK have never failed to produce the most talented, intelligent and well-rounded people. This fact is verifiable in the number of successful people, whether in the past or present, that came from these institutions. Obtaining degrees from these highly reputed UK universities grants one with an impressive resume that can definitely give a nudge towards landing the top graduate jobs in Manchester, executive graduate jobs in London and different prestigious graduate jobs in other major UK cities and around the world. A college or high degree is indeed an investment that promises many great returns.

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How Distributing Flyer can increase your business

How Distributing Flyer can increase your business

If you are a small or medium sized business in London and don’t want to spent too much on Print advertising With well-designed flyers in London, you can most likely increase sales of your products or service instantly. Often referred to as brochures, flyer products offer several advantages for small businesses that fit in with tights budgets.

First, they are cheap and can be printed in bulk volumes as well, allowing targeted flyer distribution of your advertising without wasting your marketing budget. Not to mention, these days full-color flyers printing on glossy paper is fantastic and affordable for even the smallest business. If you don’t believe it, try to Google “brochure printing and direct mail” and check out all of the low prices that pop up through various online printers!

You can reach a wider audience with cheap flyer printing as well. Another great thing about it is that these cheap flyer prints can be used for a direct campaign to a targeted local market or specific areas within any given company’s service area.

To ensure you get the best results on cheap flyer printing London, you need to analyze your market first. It’s important to know who your customers are. Specific markets need the special showcase of cheap brochure printing. Every owner must have this knowledge so that they can plan and use the proper design of ads.

Models are available in a virtual rainbow of colors and realistic possibilities with text, and images that must be attractive, balanced, and well-coordinated fashion. A sense of coherence in reading material is something that readers will take notice of, even at first sight. Keep your readers interested by presenting them with bright colors, clear text, and value-added services.

What makes this printing the most efficient form of direct ads is that there are so many different ways as to how they are distributed (direct mail, door hangers, product inserts, newspaper flyers, etc.). Save money today, look into your next advertising campaign!

Top 5 Street Food Places in London

London is awash with some fantastic street food locations. When we were putting together this guide, we didn’t just want to focus on a single place. There are plenty of other guides out there that do that. Instead, we wanted to focus on the places to go where you will have a whole host of food options to choose from. Basically, this is going to be a fantastic guide to the top 5 street food markets in London!

Street Food Union

We must kick off this list with Street Food Union, one of the better food markets in all London. This is, in part, down to the fact that it also boasts several drinking outlets. This is a food market which covers just about every cuisine. You have Spanish. You have English. You have American. You have Polish etc.

One of the things that we really love about Street Food Union is that it also boasts music. It gives you quite a fun time, even if you aren’t eating!

Victoria Good Food Market

This is located just outside of Victoria Station, so it is not too hard to reach. There are 20 different street food vendors here. Of course, you will be able to get your hands on British staples such as fish and chips, but this is also one of only a few street food markets in London which also has offerings from Brazil. Basically, it is a great place to head!

Berwick Street Market

This is the oldest street food market in London. In the past, it used to sell nothing more than fruits and vegetables. It has now expanded rapidly. Here, you will be able to get your hands on food from around the world. Perhaps the real highlight here, however, is Savage Salads. If you want some of the best salads that you have ever tasted in your life, the Savage Salads is where it is at. Make sure you get to this street food market early, though. It tends to get very busy and you may be waiting a long time to be served otherwise!

Borough Market

Next up on our list is Borough Market. This is just a short hop from London Bridge station so it should not take you long to get there. There are over 100 different stalls here. Most of them are offering fresh food that needs to be cooked, so they may not appeal to you all that much. However, there are several stalls which sell ‘ready to eat’ food. This includes fantastic British options, Turkish food, Ethiopian food, and a whole lot more!



This is one of the newest street food markets around, but boy is it good. Over the last 5 years, it has managed to attract food vendors from around the world. Make sure you sink your teeth into a gorgeous steak, some donuts, or even some freshly cooked chicken breast. There are 35 stalls here and they change regularly.


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